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Bandit Still Not Happy About Puppy Breath!!!

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Poor Bandit is still ticked about having his space invaded by the puppies!!!! This is Bandit sitting atop the china cabinet. At least tonight he isn't hiding behind the fake plant. He has had such a rough time lately with all the construction going on around here and then the puppies invading!!!! Bless his heart!!!!!!!

Sophia is coming around a tad. I actually saw AnnaBelle chewing on her tail while they were both in hubby's lap last night!!!!!!!!


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Your Bandit is beautiful,although I don't have a cat right now I like them very much.Thanks for the comment about the photo of my little Edie girl.Just practice with that new camera,and have FUNNNNN with it and before you know it you will have some great pictures.I got some advice from a friend who is a much better photogapher than I am,he said "take lots of pictures---erase most---keep the best."Most people don't see the duds I take.LOL


Construction... bad Puppies...//////no internet....bad Modem.... Do I detect a double bind of sorts:-)) Hang in there Bandit, your turn is coming!!!!


Blessings being sent your way, Bandit!


He'll adjust :) Looks like our cat, Cleo, reincarnated.


I did indeed loose my internet last night while trying to get these puzzles out and answering comments. Windstream got another call LOL as I was pretty ticked about the instability of my internet. Work is still going on with the lines but the tech support guy put us down to have a repairman come out today and check everything on our end. Low and behold, MY MODEM has been at fault. The repairman just left and I now have a new modem AND INTERNET!!!!!!!!! YESSS!!!!!!!