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a tank full of rays at the wildlife refuge. these you were allowed to touch. the same one kept coming to the surface and i brushed my fingertips against his back.


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they do suzy. i just wish they had more room. i asked one of the guides (quietly) how she thought the new administration would support this federal reserve. she said they can only hope. these places are so important. i am really concerned about how the environment and the endangered species will be handled. everything is becoming extinct, except people.


not really something i ever expected to do, patti. but the kind of moment i always remember.


i wish you would take some pictures of that garden sis. it really sounds great. maybe you could coax the koi over eventually.


i had always heard that touching fish can remove a substance on their scales that they need, so i've never tried. my dave is strictly catch and release and tries to avoid touching them. it may be different for fish in a controlled environment though.


They move with such grace!


How great you got to pet one!


I haven't seen a Koi nor a Ray being petted Ardy and Sis. Those at the 6th floor garden are so wild when they hear footsteps, they tend to swim away and hide.


We were told in Hawaii Jacki that the koi like to be petted. They were some at the entrance to our hotel. If I would sit on the low ledge beside the water one or more would come swimming up and I'd pet them. Must be your ray was like that. Thanks, Jacki.