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Old cannon restoration at the National Museum of Bermuda. Soaked in a large bath to remove old surface rust then painted. They will be mounted around Commissioner's House on new gun carriages. Bermuda is one of the few places in the world which has many different old cannons. So many in UK, USA and Canada were melted to supply new arms for the first and second world wars.
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Thanks Suzy!


Makes a fine picture, and quite the history to go along with it, Robbie. Thanks.

For you, Lela.... ≧◠◡◠≦✌


Thank you db, Heidi and Kirsten. Hee hee!


Oooh. Not so welcoming! (❛ᴗ❛)


It's always nice to have a colorful ancestor you can be proud of, Robbie. He did what he believed in, instead of sitting home doing nothing.


Heehee, I remember YOUR cannon real well and what it was used for, porgy!! Brings back fond memories!!!! lol


Right on grandma!
Ah yes mate..........
Yes gem, that's it!


Aha...a rum runner in your family! ;D

This is where the pub is right...down at the far end? The Frog and Onion???


I know of someone who would love to have these for his 'Patriotic Parade' ............


You have lots of history in your area. This is interesting.


Hi Ardy and Heidi. Most of these came off old British warships and the forts built around the island. Most pirates were down in the Caribbean, although a few Bermudians lured ships on the reefs to plunder their cargo! My great great grandfather had a fast Bermuda sloop and ran rum and guns to the Confederates. He was captured and put in a New York jail. They kept his sloop but with help from British Consulate he was sent back to Bermuda after a while.


Thanks, Robbie. I think I've read about melting down the old cannons and cannon balls for ammo but I'd forgotten about it. Nice photo.


I wonder how many came off old pirate ships? That could account for the huge range of sizes and shapes.

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