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Horizontal Stripes (Smaller)

48 pieces
98 solves
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Thanks so much, Jan, Ardy, and Aishah! I haven't gotten to solve it yet due to the computer's problem, but I hope I'll enjoy it as well! Looks like fun, anyway--but then, I'm biased, no?!!! :-)))


Very nice colors, Pat. And it was a nice rest for my brain after your delightful goldi-monster. : )


Took me awhile to get going with this one, Pat. 4:23 is too slow for the board but I had a good time. Thanks.


I like this one! The textures make it much more than basic. It is a wonderful puzzle! Thanks so much!


Thanks so much, Lee, Edie, and Katie--I've seen many stripes puzzles, and I think I might have made one or two myself, though not this basic, before, and I thought I'd see if I could give the design my own spin with some textures and marker overlaps. This was the first try, and I hope to expand the techniques I use to make it more interesting. :-)))


I thought this was a striped slip-n-slide and had a great time here! Thanks Pat! :>)


Very unusual puzzle Pat. For you that is. LOL Thanks, fun to solve.

Thanks for your pretty puzzle.