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Blooms galore!

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Thanks Diana!




It's an outdoor bouquet!


pilley- I have thought you resided in Idaho. If indeed you do reside in Idaho I guess you must be in eastern Idaho, considering the 2-3 weeks you mentioned.
PLG- It can be confusing can't it?


Boise is always 2-3 weeks ahead of us, so this will be nice to come home to (have been in Oregon / Washington), thanks for the post.


(Don't worry -- I do the same thing a lot. We were probably typing at the same time!)


Thanks Treker and Mimi. So we have 8 hours time difference. I just did google Boise. The map of America is not good in my head, but so nice we have google earth. So now I know where you are, I think I just thought you were in Australia because of the time you always are on my puzzles. But real stupid that I did not think better. The ice photos, and so. OK thanks, see you.


PLG- I'm sorry I missed you in replying! YW and thanks for solving. More to come and I won't skip you on your next visit. I Promise!


Thanks haley
pkh- Yayyyyyyyyy!!


Beautiful, Treker! Thank you!



Marvelous you have a bit of spring!


Mimi- You are correct! (Boise, Idaho) The elevation here is 2800' and our average annual waterfall is only 15.5 inches. That's rain, snow, hail, etc. However, can get mighty cold in these parts. (-6 degrees was the coldest temp this past winter. You remembered exactly! ;-))
lyndee- Things are a poppin', yay...! Where's your home?
Ank- It's funny when I am solving in the wee hours that the time difference is as great as it is. I'm usually headed to bed about the time you sign in. (I hang around waiting for YOUR puzzles!!)


So beautiful. They were also blooming in southern Illinois and the weather was really cold.

Ank, I think he lives in Idaho, but I'm so forgetful I could be wrong!


Beautiful treker. You're so lucky to have these already. I think we will have to wait another couple weeks to see something like these.


I think this is in your garden. The flowers are beautiful and I love this rocks. O wait. Treker I thought you lived in Australia. Am I wrong? I think so. This is the wrong time there for daffodils, and also the ice fishing photos were at the wrong time. Australis has autumn now, so I have to be wrong. Please tell me.