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In an effort to raise awareness of the plight of amphibians, the scientific community has declared Saturday April 27th, 2013 the 5th Annual 'Save The Frogs Day'. On this day we encourage the appreciation and celebration of amphibians by people from all walks of life. Only a small proportion of our public is aware that frogs are disappearing, and amphibian conservation efforts will not be successful with an un-informed public. Our goal is to make the amphibian extinction crisis common knowledge.

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Thanks dbnc2 - better late than never!!



Hi Cindysings - so glad the little guys made you smile. GMT is Greenwich Mean Time (the time in London, UK) which currently is 8 hours ahead of the time in California. I'm a bit like you, and find all the different "times" very confusing!! Lovely to see you :~)

These little guys sure make me smile! Help me, please, what is GMT and what is the equivalent time in California? Thanks!


No worries Pat, I miss lots of puzzles these days, there just isn't enough time!!


Ooops missed this one ... thanks Mandy


Ah, that's a good word to describe their "music"... thanks Hanne :~))


Wonderful creatures, so fine and funny when they lie quacking their heads off!! They'll very soon start their concerts!! Yes, Mandy, they get scared of you and then you get scared of them!! Thanks so very much!!


So true Magda, I guess there are still plenty around if you know where to look for them.


From Bookish's story and Eddie's video, it does not look like the frogs were dying out.


LOL - I expected it too shazzaannie!! Frogs are fine when they don't startle me, but I guess they jump out because they've been startled by me! :~)

Have to say that I'm not that keen on the way frogs jump out at you. As soon as I saw this puzzle I knew that Lela's comment would be 'save the frogs'.


How lovely Edie, it looks beautiful there.

Oh Francine - I guess being kept awake by their noise night after night would be enough to put many people off... having listened to Edie's video, I can fully understand that, and in the heat you would not want to shut all your windows to block out the noise either. What a shame your earwig eating frog got killed, it just goes to show how useful he was, despite everything!!

Thanks PJ - maybe it's just too cold for them where you live!! I have seen frogs and/or toads in my old garden, but never in the house where I currently live.

Whatnauts, I can fully appreciate the scare you had when one hopped out... I've expereinced that myself, and it pumps the adrenalin big-time!!

Where you live sounds fabulous Rose, all that wildlife I hope you have help to keep it tidy with 6 ponds!!

Thats really interesting skpy - I expect there is a link between your group and the "official" one, probably it got made official 5 years ago, but was unofficial until then, I don't really know!! I find your group's name very funny!! Thanks :~)


Only 5th annual - my group of high school friends started observing 'Save The Frogs' back in the 70s! Albeit it was not official and we named our group, RGAFFL. (Rainbow Girls Against French Frog Legs). Different reasons, but I found the fact that there is now an official day quite humorous!


Tried catching frogs as kids, don't remember what for, but never did succeed. Mom had home movies of us as kids chasing frogs all over by our cabin where we spent summers. Loved frogs then and still do. We have lots where I live because we have six large ponds on the property where the complex was built. Love the sound plus the ducks, geese, deer, birds---wouldn't know I live in a city. Thanks for another WK puzzle.


I don't have a frog story, but rather a toad story. One autumn while I was cleaning out the leaves from a flowerbed, a toad jumped out (and scared the heck out of me!). I don't live anywhere near water, so I have no idea where the toad could have come from. I've never seen one since. Thanks, monza, for surprising us with a Who Knew puzzle each day.


Oh Mandy - fascinating comments, wonderful images and a surprising info for me. I've never even seen a frog out in nature ... thank you for the enlightenment :-)


Mandy, I hate them! Sorry! Until a while ago, we were living in a wonderful area with a canal behind our place, with a conservation area on the other side of the canal. The cacophony kept us awake at night during those summer nights when windows could be kept open. Their numbers were in the many hundreds, at least. The first few summers, my husband tried to reduce their numbers in our area by fishing with a thin red strip of fabric attached to line. He managed to catch some. He proceeded to place it in his fishing net and then drove to another conserved marsh area where he released the frog to its new environment. Done one frog at a time. No harm to frog, don't worry. :)) Some neighbours had a good laugh to see this city guy driving with a fishing net outside his side window. They asked for the story and smiled. He stopped after two summers. Futile effort.

Another frog story coming up. We had a resident one that lived in the front area during the summer evenings and nights. It ate the ear wigs. Our silly beagle pounced on it a few times and had it in his mouth. Frog urinated in pooch's mouth which effected being dropped, unscathed. Silly dog didn't learn and actually tried that a second time. Sadly, we heard a noise one evening outside our front door. A small animal ate the frog. No other frog took over that area and we started having ear wig problems in house. Needed to use chemicals to get rid of that problem. Long story ~ frogs have their uses. :))


Yes I did Mandy. That's right behind my property and the dogs' favourite hang out as it attracts a lot of wild life. In the summer they wade in it to cool down.


How fascinating Katie, thanks for sharing your story. I'm certain that frogs and toads play a very important role in balancing the ecology of an area, and it would be sad if they did die out, like you I don't live near a water source, except that which comes from the taps - which is far from ideal for humans, let alone frogs!!!

LOL - Hello Lela, I wondered if you would see this one!!


SAVE THE FROGS!..............


Another fine day Mandy! I had never heard of this one. Frogs eat a lot of annoying insects and are much better for control than using chemicals. Sadly, I don't live near enough to a water source to have frogs or toads in my immediate neighborhood. I once received a gift of toad eggs from a naturalist and created a small aquarium to put them in. It was fascinating to watch them develop into little toads and I released them into a pond when they grew to the point that they could no longer live under water.


Gosh Edie, I had no idea they were so choral!! Did you make the video too?? It looked very peaceful, but not quiet!! Thanks :~)

Thanks katypancho - I think it's lovely that the things some people enjoy collecting in their childhood are things that they still enjoy even when they are all grown up!! For one of my daughter's it was Pandas... and finally last Christmas, in her mid 20s she managed to see a live one! She was in 7th heaven!!

I sent my daughter a text to tell her about this day. She started collecting frogs in her teens & she's 46 now.


They aren't disappearing around my place. Have to be careful cutting the grass in the summer because they come up from the pond. Right now in the spring they serenade me at night with their singing.
Here's a link I posted on one of my puzzles if you want to hear what they sound like.
Thanks Mandy


Ah... the penny has dropped!! Thanks Su, yes, I know your kaleidoing alter-ego and always enjoy her puzzles, when I have time to solve them!! I had no idea such a person existed... a batrachophile (I'd have associated it with bats rather than frogs though!)


Thank you for highlighting the problems facing my amphibian friends . . . :D)
I have had a fascination with frogs since being a child and have always tried to turn over an area of my garden into a frog friendly habitat. I also have a huge collection of 'frogs' in all shapes, sizes and materials . . . I am what could be called a batrachophiliac . . . lol

You may not know me as Froggy, Mandy but I have seen you several times as my kaleidoing alter-ego (Trouble) . . . troubleatmill . . . aka Su


I don't know Trouble or Froggy, but feel free to let them know Ardy, and thanks :~)

I know what you mean Magda - I don't ever fancy a frog for a pet, but they can be fun to watch and the brightly coloured tree frogs I've seen always make me smile, they are so exotic!

Thanks Barb, I forgot the info yesterday :~( Oops!


Thanks for yet another interesting WK puzzle, Mandy. I'm so pleased that you always put the information under the puzzle. Wonderful images too. :-)


I am not really a Frog lover, but am sad about another species which is disappearing. Thank you Mandy for this info and the cute pictures.


Another really interesting Who Knew, Mandy. Wonder it Trouble knows about this. I bet Froggy would like to participate somehow. Thank you.