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Soft Fractal Flowers! (small)

36 pieces
99 solves
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Kirsten - I think it is so funny and wonderful that our thought run to the same subjects so often. I think you come up with more exotic subjects than I do, but when we do something like this, I always smile. We do them in such different ways, that I think it works out perfectly!
Thank you so very, very much!!!


Oh, my!! It's fractal silk!!! How did you do that? It's spectacularly divine!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks so much, Jan. :)))

And how's that being on the same wavelength thing? Both posting fractals on the same day. Cue that X Files music!! LOL


Thanks so much, Mimi and PJ - This one is deceptive. It looks all fuzzy in the thumbnail, but I like the depth and clarity when you actually solve it. I am so glad you both enjoyed it!


How wonderfully cute, just lovely.


Ditto ALL remarks - love it!


Ooooh! What a great idea, Mandy! Pillow covers! I have a few that'd I'd like to change and these would be fun covers! I am SO glad you liked them. Thanks so much.


These are just too nice to be coasters.... I'd like them as cushion covers... to take pride of place in my living room... but I'd not want them to be sat upon!!! Display purposes only!!!!! Lovely lovely lovely, thanks Jan. :~)


Katie - they were fun to make! I'm so glad you enjoyed them.

Hester - I've noticed that Kirsten and I like many of the same things, so it doesn't surprise me at all. It's kind of nice, isn't it. AND, I DO need some new coasters!!

Placemats would be most excellent, Jan. What a great idea!

Jim - those were incredible. Dad also describes food hanging everywhere. What a sight. My favorite of yours was the one where they were building it. So fascinating! Thank you!!


Drink coasters was good, think they'd make awesome placemats too. By the way Jan, I was thinking of you and your dad when I posted my submarine set this morning. Glad you enjoyed them.


Especially love the top right. They would make ideal place mats for the table.


Jan, these would make the most stunning drinks coasters! Except you wouldn't want to put anything on them!! They are gorgeous! And have you noticed that Kirsten chose fractals today too ! Spooky! :-DD


These are very delicate and intracate. I love them all! Thanks for the beauty Jan!


Thank you so much, Barb. They are more delicate than usual and a bit muted. glad you like it!

Gail - Greedy, greedy, greedy! But, why not! LOL

Ardy - I'm glad you love them - - and that you are willing to share! :D


Exquisitely lovely. Each one. Isn't it great we can all share and not have to argue over such beautiful puzzles. Thanks, Jan.


Ooh, what have we here? Loverly indeed. These are splendid. I'll take them all if you don't mind. If you do mind also...


Love the delicate design and colours, Jan. Thanks for a lovely puzzle. :-)