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Thursday's Flowers

49 pieces
307 solves
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2dogs7cats, well, your first time was great, and I doubt that luck had much to do with it. I can see the only unlucky thing about it is that rotten Mandy got on top of you. hehehe

Ardy, it's a good thing you included the blue one or I'd think something was amiss. Anyway, thank you for sharing. :-)

Mandy, I'll bring you some when I visit.

Katie, whatnauts, and Mary, you're making me smile. :-)


Oh, these are very happy flowers. Doing the Happy Thursday Flower Dance! 5:47 Love 'em! Thanks, Wendy!


Oh yes, bright, beautiful, simple and gorgeous flowers. Thanks, Wendy.


These are so bright and beautiful that I'm grinning with happiness! Thanks Wendy!


Oh Wendy, I'd love a pot of these by my window... they'd cheer me up all day!!! Many thanks.


I like the Thursday flowers Wendy. I'd love to pick the pink, the bright blue and the yellow flowers but I won't be selfish . I'll leave them for others to enjoy as well. Thanks, Wendy.


This puzzle was so much fun I decide to do it a second time. My time wouldn't have even made it on the leader board. Guess I got lucky the first time. Thanks so much for this one.


PJ, I was just going to sign out again, but checked to see if there were any comments first. I don't know if you know this yet, but I saw your puzzles and I am thrilled for you. Two of them are absolutely marvelous!


Wendy - so utterly lovely