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Collage 88 Suzy's chairs

36 pieces
84 solves
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Images made from Suzy's photo posted yesterday.


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Thank you, Nicky. I'm happy you enjoyed them.


These are beautiful, Ardy. I think I favour top right for its colours and shape, but they are all beautiful.


You're most welcome, Suzy. Thank YOU for the photo. I still love looking through kaleidoscopes.


Late for the chair party-but your blender has done well! I am drawn to the upper left because you can see the rungs so well-and you have combined the various colors so well!
Reminds me of a kalediscope I looked through while in the store!
Thanks, Ardy!


I'm happy you enjoyed them too. Thanks so much, Hanne.


Ohhh, Ardy, these are so VERY special and absolutely marvellous!! Thanks so very much!!


Katie, I can handle four favorites. In fact that pleases me immensely. Thank YOU.


Jan, wow. I'm so delighted you really like it. I had a good time making it and tomorrow's. Thanks.


Edie, I'm so glad you like that one. When It flashed in front of my eyes I almost held mt breath so nothing would change. You are so welcome.


These are marvelous Ardy! It's another one that I have all four favorites as each design has really great colors and patterns. Thanks! :>)


Ardy - this is one of my favorites of your kaleido puzzles. Just so beautiful! I had a tough time picking one, but the lower right is calling my name. Thanks so very much!


You were right about the picture making good kaleidos Ardy. I particularly like the bottom right and the border that was created around the edge. Thanks for the fun.


I like that one, too, Barb. There is also something about the bottom right that intrigues me. Good to see you this morning. I'll be over in a few minutes. Thanks.


When I did her puzzle yesterday, Kirsten, it seemed to call out to be put in the bender. Since she has said I may play with her puzzles anytime I did just that. Glad you had some fun with it too. Thanks.


Who would have guessed that Suzy's chairs made such lovely kaleidos, Ardy. Hard to choose a fave but I'll go with the upper right. Thanks, Ardy, and thanks also to Suzy. :-)


Morning Ardy! Suzy's chairs were a good kaleido subject, weren't they? Interesting patterns and colours. I like them!! Thanks!! :)))