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Radiating Joy

49 pieces
131 solves
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Thanks Jan - wings are a collection of feathers, and I too thought they looked like wings... I must have angels on my mind!! I'm pleased to hear you enjoyed it... but the 10 seconds you took to have a swig of your coffee was costly... LOL!!


And, here I was thinking wings, not feather! I love the central bright image and the fade out does really make it pop! Very nice puzzle, Mandy! Each section seems to be sitting on top of the next. Very 3-d! Thanks so much!


LOL whatnuts - I wondered if someone would spot that this puzzle is very similar to the other... as I'm sure you realise, it came from the same kaleido'd image!! I'm delighted you like it enough to solve again!! Thanks :~)


The feathers have chosen a lovely puzzle for their encore. Thanks much.


Thanks Kirsten - I'm so glad you enjoy the twiddly bits I use... I am always amazed at how some effects can create such a change in an image - and I'm so enjoying experimenting - so we all get to have fun in the process!! :~)


It's gorgeous Mandy!! I love the fade out of the kaleido, and the shading of the frame. The kaleido looks like it's floating above the frame!! Beautiful!! Thanks. :)))


You're very welcome ladywil, I'm glad you enjoy these colours, and thanks for letting me know :~)


monza006, what a beautiful clear colors.


Awww Kathy, what a lovely comment you've left for me... thank you for your support and encouragement. I love that you enjoy this puzzle, and like you, I look forward to the coming year with anticipation as to your next venture/puzzle!!! I also with you all the best for 2013.


Mandy, WOW!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this!!!!!

I have been away from the Kaleido section for a few days and in the animal sector. I just saw your comment and wanted to come over and tell you thanks for joining in on the puppies story. I started last night trying to get around to everyone and leave a personal thank you, but finally wore out about 4:30 am, but I am picking up where I left off last night. Sorry for my absence lately and I definitely have some catching up to do!!!!! I spotted this BEAUTY right off the bat when I popped in to leave you a thanks for taking part in the puppy adventure and simply had to take time to solve it right off the bat. What an amazing design and I love all the different filters you used!!!! Isn't it fun!?!? You are coming along very very nicely and trust me, I will be back to see what your latest achievements have brought us.

Thank you again for being out there and for your support!!! I wish you the very very best in this new year!!!!! Kathy


Thanks PJ - I've just got home from work, and posted puzzles... now I'm going to have tea and put on the washing before I sit down to look at what else has been posted. I spotted you had posted something a bit different I'm itching to solve :~)


Great fun! Good start of the new year, Mandy.