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Industrial Building Windows

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That's such a nice thing to say, naturelover. Thank you very much! :-)))))


Make a puzzle from Wendy and you are relaxed and alert,I love it,


Magda, don't feel bad. You're in great company. I sometimes call my daughter by one of my sister's name, and my son by one of my brother's names. I'm not kidding. In fact, I do it more and more as I've gotten older.

If you're going to take a holiday, I'm coming with you. LOL


For Mandy: that shout be N not paint, sorry.


Oh gosh, it happened again. Why am I confusing Wendy and Mandy?. I am sooooo sorry. But as I keep switching from one to the other, this was bound to happen to an old, a bit confused lady. LOL. I hope you do not mind. Will be more careful in future.
I wanted to say: It is a factory. where they make puzzles, the real ones, out of carton. Maybe I should take a holiday?


Oh my Wendy... remind me to steer clear of this health and safety hazard!!!
Magda, I don't know what bot paints are... care to expand my knowledge?


Pat and Mandy, you've got this all wrong. These are industrial building windows that are stacked one upon the other in the showroom. The showroom is over 500 feet tall. Sometimes, when a very large truck passes by with a rumble, the stack falls apart and the windows drop to the ground with a splat.

Magda, I'm confused by what you said, so I'm very happy that you were talking to Mandy, and not me. LOLOL


No Mandy, bot paints. They make puzzles, like the Ravensburger puzzles I used to make.


Lovely puzzle Wendy, and I also wonder what industry takes place behind those colourful windows.... perhaps they make paint??? They also look plug socket extension blocks!! Thanks :~)


I wonder what industry housed itself in such a delightful building? I wouldn't have minded going to work there! Lots of fun and very interesting and original composition--thanks, Wendy! (BTW, they also look a little like light-switch-plates--very cool ones!) :-)))