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Vintage Fillmore poster No. 95

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Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh… I don't like this Bonnie MacLean poster (for November 30 - December 2, 1967), I don't particularly care for the bands, I don't have a book that interests me, there's nothing on TV that's appealing, and I can't remember the last time it wasn't raining. There's a commercial on at the moment for a medication that treats depression. I think I have the symptoms... tired, loss of interest, unfocused... wait a minute... the female-actress-character is a caterer. I remember I saw another commercial last night and the depressed female-actress-character was a caterer... is that a common link? What is it about caterers that makes them despondent? I mean, with gas stoves and sharp knives around, this is something that should be investigated. In the plethora of jobs I've had, I worked concert catering and had a blast. Got me into shows, backstage, tour buses, I met the bands, had great food, learned secrets... good times... Can't imagine needing pills to feel better... well, not like the TV commercial pills. That's a joke, but for once, a lack of readership works in my favor. Well, with this concert we're back at the Fillmore, the repairs have been made, the termites are gone, and somebody else is picking the brown M&Ms out of the bowl in the dressing room. The circle of life...

Blue Cheer -

Clear Light -

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band -


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I'm with you mpp. This poster should be put on the bottom of a hamster cage (sorry Killer) and decorated with hamster residue. Never a big fan of Christopher Columbus. The way he dressed with those puffy shirts, an oversized hat to fit his ego complete with an enormous plume from the local Pterodactyl. Oh wait! Pterodactyls were reptilian in nature. It wasn't a feather, it must have been a leg of a Pterodactyl. Back in those days Pterodactyls didn't shave their legs so it was very easy to mistake a hairy Pterodactyl leg for an olive drab plume. Speaking of legs... do you suppose cavemen BBQ'd, fried and baked Pterodactyl legs the same way that we abuse chickens? While in the grocery store I read the label on a fresh chicken (well it probably wasn't thaaaat fresh. At the pace the judicial system moves in this country the chicken was probably tried in a court of law with a court appointed lawyer, found guilty of being tasty in the first degree and executed and dismembered weeks ago. Maybe months ago. Amazing what they can hide with food coloring. Do you suppose slaughter houses have a cosmetologist on staff? You know, to make dead birds look better than they really do? Like a mortician does for a human body that has passed the peak of freshness. I've often wondered about that... I've got a lot of thoughts on the table this morning.... table... table... oh yeah, I was mentioning the label on a now deceased chicken. The label read "This chicken hatched, raised and 'harvested' in the good ole US of A). Is "harvested" now the politically correct way a saying "brutally murdered"? The politically correct way to say this chicken had it's head ripped off, all of it limbs hacked off with a cleaver and all of his entrails, cheeks and dirty feet shoved into a can of dog food just so YOU can stuff it's dead body in your mouth? If I hit a pedestrian with my car (which is nearly impossible - with my failing eyes my aim isn't what it used to be) could I be convicted of vehicular man harvesting? Or if I were to wander down to the local barber shop, got a haircut that looked like a robin's nest, and I killed the barber, could I be arrested for first degree harvesting? Needless to say that bothered me, hence this drawn out diatribe about Columbus. Remember Columbus? He's the guy flaunting that ridiculous hat on your poster. And though I ridicule and detest the attire of Columbus, I owe him my life. I cannot tell you how many times I have wandered too close to the edge and if it weren't for my dear Christopher Columbus, I am certain I would have had a great fall and all the king's horses and all the king's men wouldn't be able to put me together again. So now we know harvesting is illegal in America... now what on earth will all the farmers do to make a living? A question to ponder another day. I'm a quart low on coffee so I will find a quart of synthetic coffee (it's soooo much better that the old crude oil stuff) and kick start my day... but be careful, at my age I bruise very easily