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thanks Kirsten glad you like it, lovely day sunny, dry and cold


What a beauty June!! Gorgeous colours, textures and patterns. Love it! Thanks so much. :)))


thanks Robbie, we have to go to Workington so my guess is fish and chips. the fish shop is owned by a greek guy, the family have several of them and they all use the old grandads batter recipe which is wonderful. Also the fish is excellent. I get a pensioner's special :)


Hi June, middle left for me please, really colourful puzzle in general, thanks. Really hope you enjoy an outing tomorrow and get something nice to eat.


Hi Joyce thank you, me too I'm getting a bit bored


Gorgeous colors & designs and can't pick just one!!! Many thanks June!!
(time, 4:39)
I hope you get to go out to lunch tomorrow too June!! :))) Need to get out in the fresh air and people watch. :)))


Hi Gail, Katie and Hanne thank you. Seems it should be an Ok day tomorrow forecast 47 degrees and dry


Up left - can't help it - please a bouquet of those!! The others are wonderful too!! Thanks so very much June!!


Hi June, another pretty group today. I like top left best. I do hope the weather is nice for you tomorrow.


These look like beautiful doilies and/or place settings. I can see that pretty pink plate to the left sitting on the coordinating place mat. Love the bottom left to with the glowing center. Thank you.


Hi Ardy thanks, glad you liked it. the snow has all gone so it didn't last long and with a bit of luck I will get out tomorrow


Hi June. There are several here that caught my eye. mostly the middle left and right. Thanks for the fun. Hope they are right about your snow and there;s not much and that it doesn't stay long.


Hi Barb thank you. I seem to be drawn to the top left, maybe it is the colour in the middle of it. It's snowing here but it won't be much we are promised it will be warmer tomorrow


Lots of lovelies today, June. I love blue so it's hard to choose just one but I think I'll go with the middle right, followed by the middle left. Have a wonderful day! :-)