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Meet new boy

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What a "happy-ending" story! I knew your brother would love Pinky!


Hi Gail...yes, 2 weeks ago. He texts me quite often and says to call him when I get home...he has a Pinky I don't think he would give him back now if I wanted him to. I will e-mail you.


Has your brother taken Pinky?


Hi, Cindy. I read your message you left on my page on 17th Sep now. Sorry to be late to find it. I have little time to sit here lately.
I am soooo glad to see him. I read all the messages here and knew about him. I wonder if your brother has him now. I do hope so. Then you can see him any time. Thank you for introducing him. I wonder why rats are so cute. Their eyes? Ears? Tales? Noses? LOL Of course all. Mo says ' Never thought I would say that about a rat, but it's true.' So did I!!! I am crazy about your very tiny friends. Thanks for sharing.


He does have cute markings on his face!! Nice to see you again Cindy!! :))))
(time, 4:31)


Interesting story Cindy. I hope it all works out and your brother can take in Pinky so you don't have to always be concerned with keeping him away from the girls. He is a cutie : ). Never thought I would say that about a rat, but it's true.


Hi Gail...No, not gonna do that to the little fella. Trust me, there is no way to get to the girls. I asked brother if he wanted me to bring him last night, he said, "Not yet." But, he sure doesn't roll his eyes at me anymore. I've converted him into a rat lover. I've also converted 3 co-workers. I love Pinky, but it's just too much. He's like Ben as in he doesn't do his business everywhere, like the girls do, but really hope my brother takes him. He is only 5 minutes away, so I could visit easily.


I'm sorry I missed this when you posted it, Cindy. Before I read the comments, the first thing I was going to ask you wasi f you had Pinky neutered! He's a cutie. I'd start packing if I were you.


Keep us posted...........! :)


Hi Mo...oh noooo...they'll never be in the same room together...don't want a bunch of little Pinky's...LOL. He stays in living room with me, like Ben did. The girls are in a bedroom. I've got my brother 99.9 % talked into taking him. There's a story. A friend bought 2 males for his daughter, who is 8. She named them Pinky and Smokey. Smokey died about a month later. This was in Feb. She, being 8 yrs. old, lost interest after awhile and Pinky was stuck in a back bedroom, in a small cage, alone most of the time. Her mom called a few wks. ago and asked if I would take him, of course I will, I said. You wouldn't think that 3 little bitty rats would wear you out, but they do...LOL. My brother always laughed at me the way I adored and spoiled Ben...but now when he comes over, he goes straight to Pinky. It's really cute. He said to give him one more day to make his decision. I think I'll be packing Pinky up tomorrow...:-)


Very cute! Do they all like to play together?


LOL Woofers...I'm gonna get a tee shirt made that says It's a Rat's World...they are the best! Pinky is my 4th...I have 2 girls, Jacy and Gia...Ben died in January.
Thanks gemstone...He is a sweetie!


A cutie! Lucky you!


Pandimensional being plotting to take over the world?


Thanks...I've got 2 girls too...Jacy and Gia. I posted them on the 11th. Rats are the greatest, sweetest pets... and very intelligent.