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Golden-cheeked Warbler - Texas.... for warbler!!

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This bird is an endangered species that is found in western Texas. It winters in Mexico, Guatemala & Venezuela & their habitat has been reduced by houses, roads & land clearing for crop growing. They like to build nests of bark & spiders web in Juniper & Oak trees.


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Thanks talia - glad you liked this one:))


Robryan, you posted a nice picture with a beautiful bird. Thank you.


Thanks Patti, anitas, pg, chickie, tex ( He'll have to try real hard to out-sing Dave!!!), Dave & Shirley!!! I'm pleased you liked him Dave - I bet he's as cheeky as you too :)))


Cutie, looks like he might like to sing, Thanks Rob.


Thank you Robyn, you sweetie, you. I've been birdwatching for over 40 years, founded an Audubon chapter in Kansas and warblers have been my favorite of the birds for years, from which came my Jigidi name. This is definitely one of the rarest nesting warblers in the US and its population is shrinking every year. Thanks for posting it and note it has a sparkle in its eye!


One of my birdwatching friends saw these around El Paso, and got some wonderful photos, but the sightings are rare, I suppose because they are so endangered. Pretty little creature. Thanks, RR. I wonder if this can warble like our Warbler!


What a beautiful little bird Robyn.


Did not see any of them while I was in Texas but then again I was not looking for them all the time. Nice one Rob.


Pretty bird. Thanks for providing us with information on it.


Pretty little bird.


Wow, what a beauty! I love it! I'm glad it's protected! Thank you Robyn!