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Mt. Thompsom and Mt. Jimmy Simpson, Alberta

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Thompson Peak
Mountaineer Charles S. Thompson fell into a crevasse on the Bow Glacier in 1897.
??. He could be heard calling for hel[ and saying that although he was not hurt, he would be extremely grateful to us if we could make haste and extricate him?.. a stirrup was made in a rope, and Collie, being the lightest member of the party and withal, unmarried, was told to put his foot into it?.
-Stutfield and Collie, 1903
After rescuing Thompson, his fellow climbers named a nearby peak for him


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Gorgeous indeed. Falling into crevasses is very "risky business." lol


Sorry Mt. Jimmy Simpson. This is Bow Lake, a beautiful spot where you can stop and park your car and view. Crowfoot Mountain and Crowfoot Glacier, Bow Glacier and Bow Glacier Falls, Portal Peak, Mt. Thompson and Mt. Jimmy Simpson.
and in the comment below he was calling for help, not hel[, lol