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Time to decorate the Christmas tree

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Simple, she says :-) That would be elaborate for me LOL.


In the states, in some places it's almost like a competition, who can out do the next. My neighborhood is fairly conventional. I just randomly string small white lights through the azaleas in front of my house and a couple of lighted angels hanging from a tree. Oh and red ribbons on the 3 lamposts and a door wreath of course. Simple, easy to do.


Yes and no to the outdoors decorations. In the remote north west mining towns they go to town, so to speak :-) In the bigger cities and towns there are suburbs which go for it while others don't apart from isolated homes. That's just in the west. Having never spent Christmas in the other states I can't fairly comment on the rest of Oz. Personally I don't do outdoors decorating apart from a couple of solar powered Christmas tree shaped ornies :-)


Hi Cindy - I agree about 50's things. They are just sort of comforting to me, I guess they bring me back to a time when things were simpler and more innocent. A 50's kitchen would be neat.
Chrissie - I have just a couple left, the rest have broken or were given away when we moved overseas when I was in high school. I usually start setting up the tree right after Thanksgiving, seems Christmas comes and goes so fast as it is, might as well enjoy it as long as I can for all the work that goes into it. Tomorrow I'll work on the outside. Do Australians do much outdoor decorating?


Thanks, Mo. I remember this style of ornament from way back when. Seem to recall I might even have a couple tucked away. Better drag out the box and set up the tree before too long :-) We had a similar bare lower branches tree when we had a cat!


Hi Mo...that's funny. You should take a picture of it, and post it as a puzzle. I love everything 50's too. Will have a home with a 50's theme kitchen someday I buy little things that are 50's or at least looks like they're 50's.


Thanks gtb and Sally. I love those 50's ornaments. I can't have any glass ones this year, my new kitty thinks I put up the tree with the hanging things on it just for her to bat them around until she knocks them off. The bottom of my tree is barren with the upper branches filled up. Need some presents to hide the lower branches because it looks kind of weird like that.


Hi Mo. This is a nice one. Thanks.


fabulous :-)