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Henry Scott Tuke, The Lighthouse (n.d.)

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I didn't see any evidence that this is from a larger work. However, there were very few representations of this exact image on the web, so it is possible that someone posted it and forgot to mark it "detail." I once spent a couple of hours searching for more info on an image and was having no luck until I discovered that not only was it a detail from a much larger work, but someone had taken the detail and changed its orientation, so I was looking for a vertical figure when actually, in the original, the figure was horizontal! Not only that, but the reorientated detail was posted with an artist's name that did not correspond to any artist I could find. It turned out that someone (probably the same person) had combined two artists' names. Argghh!

Tuke was very fond of this pose and painted it often.


the modelling on his back is quite nice, too. I wonder if this might be a detail from a larger work. thanks for digging him up!


I think so too!


Beautiful painting......


I love the blues in this painting.