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The Buildings next door

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Just playing with the new toy...


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I was talking to the daughter last night and she said the road has to be more like a mile looking that way. I know you can't see the road from where I was standing with the naked eye. This is why I was so surprised when I took the picture..


That is so kind of you Pat, and I may well take you up on that. Thank you.


Hi Lorna My daughter lives in what they call a raised ranch home. The main part of the house is what some people call the upstairs.. her garage and rec room is ground level... So I was on the deck upstairs. The trees that are close are probably 150 feet away. Just to give you an idea. The lens I was using is 55-200mm so yours should do a better job. I have only been using this camera since Christmas Day. I just started snapping pictures because with the cards you can delete the ones you don't want. I hope this helps you. If you would like you can e-mail me ( )


Hello Pat, I have just solved your puzzle of the photo where you had used your other lens at your daughters place. Wow! When I read how far away the road was, I was seriously impressed! I haven't started using my additional lens yet - still too much to familiarise myself with on the camera and the standard one! But can I ask what range your lens has, to give me an idea of what mine might achieve? Mine is 70 - 300mm. And how long have you had your camera, because you are taking some wonderful photos with it!


Lorna keep me posted on how you are doing and we can compare things


Pat, you have more than enough to do, so please don't think about it! I have been printing off the instruction manual which has tips on it, and will continue to play with the camera, so don't worry about it. I really appreciate you even thinking about it!


It might take me a while this month is very busy for the company. I have payroll taxes to get out plus the good old IFTA taxes to do also along with working on the federal taxes. So January is busy. I might squeeze in some time early in the morning if I do it will be on this one ok...


If you have the time, that would be great. Thanks Pat.


Hi Lorna good evening I started taking my camera with me after the morning we turned around to go back and get it. I couldn't believe my hubby told me the trees would make a good puzzle. He never gets on the computer let alone do puzzles. One good thing about a digital camera is you can delete what you don't want off the card. So I just snap, snap, snap and then review and get rid of the ones I don't want. I got the Nikon school with my camera. which has been helpful. They tell you how to set the camera for different things. When I get a chance I will tell you what they say and maybe you can set your camera.


Good morning / afternoon (as it is here now) Pat. Thanks, I'd like to chat about the cameras. I have been having a play, (and yes, there is a similar setting to the one you used with your mug, though I haven't tried it yet), and I had a great time with the multiple shot setting this morning, on my dog George as he was racing around "his" field which is the only place I can have him off the lead - I am pretty chuffed at some of the "action shots" I got of him enjoying himself! Thanks for the tip about the additional filters too, I will check them out. I have noticed PG's advice on other folks puzzles at times; I will pay more attention to them now!


Good morning Lorna you can call me Pat or PK it doesn't matter I answer to both.. So pleased that you got over there before what you needed was gone.. Go back to the place if you can and see if they have the circular polarizer filter and the ND (neutral density) filter. Those are the ones I add to my collection. They are for outdoor pictures. That's what PG suggested and he is a professional photographer. You might want to check them out.. and those you only need one as you can use them on both lens. If it is ok with you we can use this puzzle to chit chat about the cameras.


Hi pkin, please call me Lorna! When I went to a camera specialist shop (which today has sadly gone into liquidation) the guy was extremely helpful, and on his recommendation I bought UV filters for the 2 lenses, so that's a good start! I went out today, and really just to get used to the feel of it, (having used a compact digital camera for the last 5 years), took a number of photos on the automatic setting. I really appreciate your interest, and thank you for the advice - I'll try that tomorrow!


Hello Goingsilver. I looked up you camera on B&H Photo it is basically like mine just a different brand.. First of all you need to find out what size your lens are and get a UV filter for both of them. That will protect them from the sun and scratches. Next just start in the house find something to take a picture of and start trying different settings. Just start playing around with it and you will learn more than anything..


Hello pkin. I have a Sony camera a37 It will take some getting used to - there are far too many settings for me to comprehend in a hurry!


Goingsilver I have been having a great time playing with it... What kind of new toy did you get...


I'm interested in your comments about your new camera. I keep hoping for some decent weather, so I can go out and play with my new "toy" and additional lens too. But with our miserable British weather, I might have a long wait! Enjoy your new toy pkin. Lorna


Ardy that building is quite a distance away from my house. I was surprised with the new lens it came in so close.....


I'd say that lens works well. Thanks Pat. I tried to add another star to your board but I was 9 second too slow. I'd try again but my experience is that I'm slower a second time!


Thank you Jacques sweetie for the nice comment...
Celeste thank you so glad you liked it


Cool shot Pkin :)


nice shot Pat!


Fodus you are so right that whole fence line is our natural privacy fence in the summer.. it is about 8 feet deep. that way the wildlife can have there space and we don't have to mow.
Punkin It used to be a family farm but the old couple passed and it in an estate. They rent the farm land to the area farmers for crops and the old house rents for $300.00 a month. Just enough money to pay the taxes...
Mimi it is a Nikon..


great picture Pat. What make is your new Camera?


Dairy farm or grain?


You should not be able to see them when the trees have their leaves!


A beautiful photo Sissy. Thanks.
Pat, Elly is alone now.


Great view through the tree! What a great new toy, Pat!


Hi Katie and Gnt1041 this was taken from my back deck a few moments ago. Just playing around with the new camera and trying the other lens out....


very good scene pkin


Hi Pat, great farm scene!