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For David - Oh this is what you wanted?

108 pieces
127 solves
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Thanks Nova, glad you liked it.


Excellent.....for solving & pure enjoyment. Thanks, Robbie.


That is all that matters PK, thanks.


Thanks Robbie didn't make the board but had fun solving....


Thanks JC, worth all the laughs!


Loved both of your large leaf puzzles, Robbie! LOL!


Thanks bentleyd, I guess I caught it at the right time!

I know what you mean dondi, I chose 20 count only to allow people to move on to other puzzles and comments. I try to keep up with everyone's puzzles but it is a losing battle. There are so many jigidi friends it is impossible. I don't understand any photo or computer talk, I think we have a 22" Mac and that is plenty for what I do. I would like to do more large puzzles, but then time comes into the factor. Thanks.


Beautiful Robbie. Looks so fresh with the water drops. Thanks


Thanks, Robbie. I too like to do puzzles with an intermediate number of pieces (I like larger numbers, too, but they simply take longer than I'm willing to allow most of the time). This works very well, with the several background areas, the vein pattern and all the shades of green. Also, the larger-number puzzles seem to display the final picture larger than the lower-number puzzles (at least in the new system, and assuming you posted a picture larger than 1024x768). On my 27-inch iMac, that makes a difference, and I have plenty of screen real estate to spread the pieces out.

I think some people select for the puzzle size when they're looking at Jigidi; I post most of my puzzles in two sizes, and find that the higher-count version will typically generate 1/2 to 2/3 of the number of solves as the lower-count, and on certain types of puzzles, the large count outscores the lower-count.


You're welcome Jana.


Beautiful color, thank you Robbie


Hi JoanL, if you are asking if this is a purslane plant, no, it is called a Baygrape leaf.

Glad you liked it David, I cannot believe 99 solves , it shows how diverse we all are. I had fun with you as usual, thanks.

Hi OM, yes I did and thanks very much. A year ago I wouldn't have thought to even try this!!


Did you take this photo, Robbie? If you did, you need to stay away from Jigidi for a while and spend more time taking more photos like this terrific one!


Woo-hooo! Thanks, Robbie that was a trip. Very nice to use that pattern of veins and the color contrast for a quick getaway. And it is still a very handsome photo. Thanks a bunch.