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Outbuilding in Hardanger, Norway, by Hilde Kari (flickr)

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It would be easy to spot it in the snow.... I'm glad you liked it! Thanks again mariolyn! :-))


Well, you'd never lose that building in a snow storm! Very nice one, K.

Thanks Phyllis and Sue! It is something about buildings like this and I think you right, Phyllis, about the isolation. It makes it somehow "mysterious".


Very interesting, thanks. I enjoy this type. 3:45


These rustic old buildings are a joy, they make such interesting puzzle, wherever do you find them! Perhpas it is the isolation of some of them that make them stand out so.Really nice and yes I am back albeit slowly.

You are welcome 48! I'm pleased that the puzzle was enjoyed. :-))


fun puzzle - neat picture - thank you klnkln