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With a Twist and a Twirl! (small)

36 pieces
135 solves
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See you Monday! Have a great weekend!


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Thanks, Mimi! I had a great one. I hope you did, too.

Kirsten - thank you so very much, my friend!

Ardy - I have surfed 3 times in my life. I caught a lot more sand with my teeth than I did waves! Thanks!!! :)

Edie - you are so very sweet! Yes, I mean you! Thanks so much!! :)))


Sunday evening, down to the wire. I may have one more left. Good thing you're back tomorrow. Thanks Jan, this was fun :-)))


It looks like catching the curl on a surfboard - not that I've ever done it but I've seen videos.
Thanks for my Sunday Jan fix. Hope you weekend is going well. See you tomorrow.


Gorgeous colours, Jan! Thanks!! :)))


Delightful puzzle Jan. Have a great weekend also! :))


Francine, thank you so much. Don't you love that avatar? I know I do.

Katie - I think I might just stick with this format.....good idea! Thank you for that!!

Pat, yep - just about the only tool in the house I can handle well! LOL

Thank you so much, Hester! You're looking' good today!


Absolutely swirlicious!! Thanks for another beaut, Jan!! :-))


Verrrrrrry pretty!!!!! You are so handy with a staple gun, Jan! :-DDD Love it--thanks so much! :-)))


What a treat to get a twist and a twirl Jan! I love that you made this one in three different sizes too. I really like small puzzles and I know there are lots out there that like the bigger ones. So much less work for you too - brilliant! Thank you ever so much my friend! :>)


Fun, as usual. Thanks. (2:23)