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A Look Back At The Bugosis #4......

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This time, oddly enough, both lelabug's and my stories actually do jibe. His excerpt tells of my banishment (I think of it as my escape) from the L.O.B.O.T.O.M.Y. Summit, accompanied by Hans who was supposed to ensure that I "...trudge home through the snow, naked."

But my excerpt picks up after Hans and I were alone out in the cold and snow. I induced hefty old Hans to chase me around, ostensibly trying to get back inside, when my real aim was simply to wear him out! Then I stole his good winter clothing, including his wonderful warm boots. He had no choice but to go back inside while I made my escape, no longer naked and at the mercy of the elements. BRILLIANT is all it was! BRILLIANT!


Hee-Hee!......I can think of many other apt descriptions also, as well, too!.....


You have to admit Lela that the Squire is most entertaining! ( As indeed are you!)


Hanne-with-pipe......he would be accompanied by a nurse.......or a zoo-keeper.......


Yesterday was he on a lead then or was he allowed out on his own??

lelabugosi is the original quote about Mickey Bugosi (he was on a 'trip')......
" Here we see Mickey 'Mouse' Bugosi, father of Brigitte Bugosi, who was the station-master at the new Bonga-Bonga rail terminus and as such has been overseeing the extraction of hallucinogens from the now shrunken Boinga-Boinga snake........
Due to being in close contact with the beast, and also, as well having absorbed a vast amount of hallucinogens, Mickey has now assumed some of its more prominent traits........yesterday he was observed crawling along platform 3, before climbing up a lamp-post.......
This picture shows the poor man enjoying lunch with his cats. which has prompted authorities to remove him from his position at the railway terminus and place him under the care of our animal welfare experts at the Bugosi Animal Research Farm (B.A.R.F.) as he is deemed a danger to the wildlife of Bonga-Bonga........
Brigitte will visit him on weekends, when he will be allowed out on a lead, for crawlies....."

As for Hans and Mr.Squirt, here is an extract-
"Hans was entrusted to make sure the dastardly bounder Pee-Squirtyo did not try to force his way back into the LOBOTOMY summit, after his undignified ejection by the multi-talented Gawl-of-the-darn.(The squirt had to trudge home through the snow, naked....)".......
I think that shows part of the TRUE story...... eloquent!.........


Well said, June, exactly WHY?


it all makes a change from the begat wording in the bible ie Adam begat Cain and Abel. Why is it always the men. Why not Eve begat Cain and Abel? So all we have left of the women are Rehab the Harlot Aholah and Aholibah the harlots and Mary Magdalene saint or sinner. then there are a few more Mary and Martha's to do the cleaning while the men are forever out smiting this that and the other, it was ever thus!


Ah, Hans (top, second from left). Poor Hans, he chased me around the frozen tundra (not Lambeau Field in Green Bay) until he was "fagged" and then I circled back on him and stole his clothes. But I let him keep "the arm his arm is wrapped around...a Moisin-Nagant of Russian manufacture, or possibly an Upper-Outer Mongolian knock-off."

The operative word throughout the Bugosi family history is "DESCENDED." They descended, and descended and then they descended some more, until all that's left today is lowly lelabug.

As opposed to the present generation of Barloffs, which AROSE from the previous generation, which AROSE from the one before it, etc. all ARISING to the pinnacle of pulchritude and perfection they personify today.


While I am quite enjoying the family history, and in no way mean to malign any of the Bugosi clan ... I have to say that Mickey Bugosi ...made me a little ....squeamish.
Did he do this for nourishment? Or was this for showmanship and perhaps over time just developed a taste for rodents?


Yes.....well.......did I say that?........The thing is, in those far-off days, nobody was actually known as Bugosi, because nobody really had surnames.....there wasn't really much need..........but they were all Bugosis anyway.....


Good point, Elfie - I was jes lookin' for a photo....I figure if anyone would have one it would be our esteemed leader!.....


Actually - according to some well known book - don't we all do?????




But, you said you were descended from, yes, Adam!!!


Actually, Percy was the first Bugosi settler on the Galapagos is the quote:
"This is a portrait of my great-great grandfather. Percy was aide-de-chambre of the illustrious Charles Darwin, who looked up to him as a 'father figure'....Percy accompanied Darwin on the famous expedition to the Galapagos, aboard the Beagle. He decided to remain there, explaining that he 'felt at home'."
(The only Adam would be Adam Bugosi-West,but we don't talk about him as he 'went to the dark side').....


Percy Bugosi (evidently pre-AdamandEveBugosi) reminds me that you forgot Adam....What??? No pictures of him, either??.....


From l to r.........

Gypsy Rose Bill - Clairvoyant to the stars
Hans 'bigfoot Bugosi'
Henrietta Bugosi
Horace Bugosi
Horatio 'Hot-lips' Bugosi
Hortensia Bugosi
Hugo Bugosi
Johannes Bugosi
Judge Botolphus 'Betty' Bugosi
Maurice 'Mole-man' Bugosi
Mickey 'Mouse' Bugosi
Miss Zelia Bugosi
Mr.Pogle - Holy Bugosi
Mrs.Bugosi rides again!
My Dear Pater - 'Pa' Bugosi
Percy Bugosi