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...on the clothes line in the back yard this morning!
We've had steady light rain since last night, not much in the gauge - but it's beautiful!!


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Thanks Allie:))

Oh - I do Dave:)))) this is uncropped too, and I didn't have time for the monopod!! I couldn't risk missing him :))) We ended up getting 73mm - 3" - of rain, and it was fantastic!!!Thanks!!!


Gotta love that zoom...and maybe the monopod! Excellent photo Robyn!! Congrats on the rain!!!


Handsome profile! well snapped robyn! x


Thanks Ami - and it's good to see you here:)))

Thanks Floyd - we ended up getting 73mm - 3" - of rain, which was fantastic & much-needed!!!


It is great that you got a decent rain.
A slow rain light that is most welcome.
Fantastic picture of your visitor.
Thanks Rob.


Fantastic pic Robyn!!!


He was a tad damp Chrissie - it was raining:)) We ended up getting 73mm - 3" - all up, so we're all very happy here!! Thanks:)))

Thanks Shirley - they were laughing just after I took this photo:)))

AAWW!! Thanks Sally:))) He was posing about 4 metres away - just screaming out for a photo or six or seven:)))) You'll get yours one day I'm sure!!!

Yes - he has a bit of dirt on his beak ikook - and a few spots of rain!! We had 75mm - 3" - of rain all up and it was terrific! Thanks!!

Thanks Morris!!

Thanks Lorna!!

Maybe snooker - and I think he was also checking out a couple of other Kookaburras as well!! Thanks!!

My pleasure Florrie - they belong to the Kingfisher family - thanks!!

Thanks Ank - we had 75mm all told and it was terrific!!

Thanks Suzy - I'm always amazed at how many people know that song:))))


Rain! EHA! Good for you!
What a fine looking kookaburra! The song "Kookaburra sits on an old gum tree, merry, merry, king of the bush is he....Laugh kookaburra, laugh kookaburra...." comes to mind!


So nice you had some rain. I hope you will have a lot more. ☺
Love the bird♥

Maybe he sat still for you as he was enjoying the rain bath he was getting. :)


Fabulous photo Rob. Great looking bird too!


Great shot, Rob!!


You can even tell he's just been digging the dirt! Awesome, Robyn. And congrats with the rain!


Wow!!!! James Audubon eat your heart out.... This is a really, really impressive shot.... And I'm so envious.... If I ever catch that kooka at the school I hope my shot turns out even half as good as yours.... Thanks, Rob.... 。◕‿◕。 。◕‿◕。


Good shot, Rob, love the kookaburra's and their happy laughter, thanks Rob.


The kooka does look a tad damp but that IS good news! We had rain forecast but it might be like Nev's rain - a figment of someone's imagination :-) We live in hope.

Fantastic shot. You are a clever little Vegemitie :-)


We've only had about 7 mls so far, so that IS disappointing. Hugs.


Yes Janet - the rain is light but steady and we've have 15mm since yesterday:)))) It's terrific - and it's all soaking in, not running off:))) The lawn - hopefully - should green up a bit as it looks pretty ratty & brown at the moment!!!
Thanks - I really like this shot of the kookaburra:)))


Rob, I just asked about your rain on the Currawong puzzle. Sounds very much like ours - just drizzle, but steady all day. Great for my garden, and for my poor dead lawn, but the poor farmers need run off rain.
Fabulous Kookaburra pic, well done! Thanks and hugs, janet


Thanks Barb - it's one of my favourites too!!!


Thanks Marian - we've had quite a few Kookaburras around our suburb in Brisbane for the last year or so, and this one just sat & posed for me:)))) I was only about 4 metres from him!
I guess the scenery is a LITTLE different from Adelaide:))) And the weather!!!!


I love this close up of a kookaburra, Rob! It is fantastic! And I love their vocalizations too :) Thank you for this posting :)))


Hi Rob - nice to see this image of the Kookaburra...I grew up in Adelaide and now live in Calgary, Alberta (close to the wonderful Rocky Mountains)..


Thanks Nev - I'm quite pleased with this one:)) I crept out the back screen door & he wasn't fazed - so I just zoomed right in!!!
I hope you get some rain too - we've had a total of 15mm since it started last night - it's just good soaking rain!!! I'm sick & tired of brown lawns, so they should green up now!! Ours is predicted to clear by tomorrow morning!!


Rob, the picture of the Kooka is first-class!! Fantastic shot.
They predicted RAIN for us this afternoon, but we haven't even got a drizzle yet. HEAVY RAIN for tomorrow sounds like a figment of someone's imagination.


Thanks Joanne - we could use just a bit:))) It sounds like you've had more than enough!!!


If I could bottle it up, Robyn, I would send you all the rain we have had in Victoria (Canada) over the past couple of's supposed to be summer here!!


Thanks Beekay - it's so nice for a change!! All our lawns should green up now - I'm sick of seeing them dead!! The weatherman says it should be around for another 24 hours, so everything will get a good soaking:)))


Your rain is fantastic news, Janet said they had a little bit of rain. Hope it continues for each of you. Slow and steady, let it soak in!