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MY FIRST kleido.001

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Kathy, check out my messages with Chrissie on my kaleido for Lesley (carthill).

I did try to google some stuff but I didn't learn much except from a YouTube Blue Lightning video for making kaleidos...I had to modify the steps since it was in the full feature CS6 (*sigh* envy) and I have since gone off on my own tangent. I am envying the camera...I am just using a simple little Kodak and hope that I'll be able to get a decent digital SLR in future. I just found a support blog called Elements Village that your husband might like to take a look at. There is just so much info out there and free downloads, if you go looking.

Your glass effect here is lovely... I would love to know how you did that. I also like the fabric this an effect that you use or are these photos? This appeals to me on so many levels (hmm...inadvertent pun there). btw: Nothing wrong with old...if you are comfortable and can use it well, then that's great! I don't have many tips yet since I am so new at the game...just playing so far so that I can learn what I can do. I'm just doing the manual manipulation of each of my photos by rotation, brightening, flattening them and then playing with cookie cutters and bevels and some filters. Nothing too extreme but some of the effects are just wild! I love the idea of sharing what we find out... we almost need a separate puzzle for this. Hmmmm....think that I should post one? ;-D


Michelle, I use PhotoShop 7.0, it's old but I like it and it does more than I know how to do; my husband does like elements better. I try and learn or re-enforce new techniques with each post; I also like photography and have a new Cannon 60D that I am trying to learn to use; had a Sony 848 before that. All of the photo's I use are my own unless it is for something special then I note the credit. Just retired over a year ago and hope to spend more time on stuff like this. I do go out to you-tube for instructions on how to do different techniques etc. If you have any tips, I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.


Just learning kaleido, too? This is gorgeous, Kathy! I love the texture and the feeling of lovely embroidery. What programme are you using? (Your other experience really shows here!)