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Sugnetfallet, Rotensugnet, Sweden.

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And this is the end of the shoot!! Then the big SPLASH!!


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Well, yes, dangerous!! If you could just land in another way than you land now!! Thanks so very much Jo!!


Wheeeee!!! Summer fun at a lake-side water slide (shorter version), or amusement park!! Less dangerous!! LOL! Beautiful scenery from way-up-high!!! Thankyou both!! :) :)


Indeed, they DO smell, Sandy!! Thanks so very much!!

Yes, screaming for joy!! Thanks so very much PG!!


I can hear the kids going down this shoot as we speak.


And love the photo. I can smell the pines.


You are SO right!! The least was to be wet if you fell into the ice cold water. If you were stuck among the timber - oh my, it would be terrifying!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


People do come up with ingenious ways to make things more efficient. This would be much easier than having to haul the logs out. But it was dangerous work no matter how they did it. Thanks, Hanne. Really liked seeing this.


We have seen many ways of flooding timber but never one like this!! It was very interesting to us too!! Thanks so very much Jana!!


It's interesting to me, thank you for a nice puzzle, Hanne, have a nice day :-))