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Still Park & Tilford Gardens

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Feb 2, 2013


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Hi Ank. Thank you for your note!! Yes, usually ferns die down and then grow up again. But these look like they are older. So I don't think they died off this winter at all. But I could be wrong!! I hope you slept well!


Hi Cathy and Jim. No they can have very much. When it's too cold, they leave for the winter, they just disappear and return in spring. They can have much cold. I like to see them...... in someone else's garden. When I see one in my gardem I try to exterminate. It's like weed and they want to take over.
My bed time. hugs


Thank you Jim! I really don't know. Perhaps the walls and trees provide some shelter.


Nice, Cathy! I thought ferns were too fragile for the cold!