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My Aussie Dandy Lion!

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Thanks Jacques!


verry beautiful rob!


I think I'll just keep pulling them up Ami!!! I've heard of Dandelion Wine & even have a recipe for it in my Wine Recipe book - but think I'll pass on that :)))
I'll remember that when I'm desperate pg!!! Thanks!


loveydear the leaves make a great salad and I was teaching a group of Boy Scouts survival and I made them eat the leaves and when they tried them they liked them. Sometimes you just have to try things to see that you like them.


I like dandelions, not just for their bright yellowness, but they have true medicinal properties. They can be made into roasted dandelion root tea (yum, it's very good tasting), it's also a very good liver cleanser, and some have made it into wine, which I have yet to taste. It makes into a good coffee substitute too! I think that you can use practically every part of the plant and have a 'very good for you' product, be it tea, coffee, salad, wine, etc.. Maybe that's what makes it dandy!


Thanks Floyd - I'm sure we'd all like to see less of them!!
Thanks Joy - you can have them if you like!!
I'm amazed by the perfection of the petals Shirley!! Thanks.


So many of our pests and weeds have lovely flowers, pretty when you see it up close, Thanks Rob.


I like the looks of your dandelions, too. They have a more notched look. Pest or not, they're still pretty.


Your dandelion looks better than ours as well. Maybe we have seen too many of ours.


Thanks Sandy!


I agree with lyndee. I noticed that right away. Nice close up robyn.


It's just as much a pest lyndee!!! Thanks :))


I think your dandelion is prettier than ours...........just like your birds! LOL


Thanks Cathy!! I guess there must be slight variations!
Thanks Laura! I agree!


They acrually are pretty when they are seen up close.


Hi Rob. This is a beautiful picture! Australian dandelions are slightly different but just as cute!


Hi motherofsleep - & welcome to Jigidi!! Hope you don't get addicted like the rest of us Jigidi tragics!!! I never took much notice of Dandy's until others posted them - but they are a nice flower!! Thanks.

Dandelions are SO hated, but they can be pretty.