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If I don't move nobody will see me.

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Well, well, well, not exactly what I would say!! Thanks so very much PG!!


They did that to our goldfish, too. So far the three koi are safe. But I think a pesky little kingfisher got the replacement little guys...have to wait 'til it warms up to see if they re-appear. Our winter has been quite mild and I don't ever remember the koi being so active as they have been this year. They're actually quite funny: we have 1-4 pairs of mallard that visit the pond and when they're swimming around, the koi follow after them.


that is a lovely thought gemstone and it could have been a message just for you. When they came to visit at my place in Florida they ate all my koi so they were delivering a different message to me. I still could not do anything to them but I was happy I had cheap fish in the pond.


No thanks...I'll stay in the car!

Here the blue herons nest in one of our large parks and along the river and dykes...saw one area where there were over 40 nests. Some cultures believe that the blue heron is the messenger of the spirit world, so when one flew over and left a feather on our balcony, I was quite moved as I'd just lost my mother.


No gemstone because they breed in an area that is almost impossible to get to without a boat or very high boots. In this area look at what is in the water and let me know if you think it is worth a shot?


Gorgeous shot. Beautiful contrast. Texture and reflection are wonderful. :)

Do you ever find the feathers when they moult?


great pic and bird


Keep dreaming, pretty bird.

Thanks, we are traveling in Florida, so was curious. Love this bird.


Yes, trish but they are recovering just fine now. All of these birds in their winter/breeding plumage are a wonder to see.

Fuzzygirl this was taken in a park in South Florida.


wasn't that the beginning of the Audobon Society photogent? the harvesting of egrets for their plumes for ladies hats was threatening to kill off the species i believe.

Beautiful. Where was this taken?


It is always my pleasure roseheather to share these wonderful bird with everyone.

Thank you Chickster.

Thank you LJ they do not move too much so I do not need the glue with them.


My what a beautiful surrounding for this bird. Thanks for sharing it.


Beautiful bird and beautiful photo young man.


Beautiful bird, beautiful reflection...and nice little blue flower.


Yes Rob and it is in breeding plumage. This is when they were being killed for their feathers during the breeding season since they had the long and full feathers.


Beautiful bird pg - is it an Egret? I love the partial reflection. Thanks.