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Garfield and Ollie on Garfield's table

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Thanks for your comment. Having had cats for decades, I typically know all the tricks of the trade. I've tried Feliway, but it's very spendy for someone on a small fixed income, and I didn't find it cost-effective. When I made the decision to take Alvin in, I had him neutered (that was two years ago), and I don't remember if Feralina was spayed or I had to have it done (that was five years ago). It's impossible in my house to separate the cats. I have a guest bedroom with a double bed, plus my bedroom with a queen bed. They get dried food in a bathroom plus the kitchen, and they all share one can of wet food which I mix with water. I converted three closets into litter rooms for them (that was asking a lot of me!). I use wood pellets, which turn to sawdust when it dries, and is the easiest and most economical solution to a seven cat household. The closets have doors on them into which I put cat doors at the bottom, so there's privacy. All seven sleep with me on my bed, and there is a little jostling around but once everyone's settled it's okay. Alvin insists on walking through the middle of the pack to get to his spot (which is already taken by Feralina), which creates all sorts of hissing and shifting places, until once again we're all comfortable. It's a regular zoo at my house... The problem with Alvin is that he merely has to walk by to set off a ruckus, so putting Feliway in every room would be astronomically expensive. He also chases them when they don't want to be chased (as in never). Alvin is on Prozac to help calm him down, which does help, since I take him off it around every six months to see if he still needs it. He's also on Forti Flora for his weak stomach. When I put Alvin in time out in one of my bathrooms, he thinks it's a game and sticks his paws through the crack under the door, which infuriates the others and sets off more hissing and thrashing. Norton has asthma so he's on Terbutaline and Prednisolone. All of these drugs run me close to $80 each month. I have a sinking feeling that no matter what you recommend, I may have already tried it or it's not feasible, but I appreciate your thinking of me, and appciate your continuing to give me suggestions in hopes I may not have heard of something.

Hi Octomom, you could use Feliway - a natural pheromone which mimics cats facial excretions. You can either use it as a plug in (best, in my opinion) or as a spray. As Alvin was unneutered he is just marking his territory and as your Feralina was also probably unspayed, she will be remarking what she sees as her territory. Hopefully, they are both neutered and spayed now and if you separate them as much as you can, making sure there are sufficient sleeping arrangements (one bed per cat plus one or two spare), same with bowls of food - feed them in separate places and make sure they both have access to a water bowl each. And if they're indoor kitties, they'll need a litter tray each plus one spare. Hope this helps. You can write to me at the website if you want to continue this conversation. Lazypaws.


Thanks, Lazypaws. I have four scratching posts, but they're floor ones. One of them is the newer emery board one ($20) that they use, but two of them like to scratch upright. I'll have to just find the money to invest in one. Two of them can be hung on a doorknob, so I think I'll try that, but my doorknobs are levers and they don't stay on well. I have had a multiple cat household for decades, and I've never had the problem I'm having with two of them. Alvin was a two-year old unneutered tom when he showed up on my doorstep two years ago and he's the cause of Feralina's scratching. Alvin scratches and Feraline re-scratches. Prior to Alvin joining me, I never had any problem with scratching. He is a real problem child, that Alvin.

Hi Octomom you could use a scratching post. They don't cost very much to buy or you could make one out of a piece of wood with some rope strapped tight around it; put it on a base which is solid enough that it wouldn't fall over if the cat scratched it. If you want to write to me, write care of the website and I'll answere you.


I read the home page of your website and it is now in my Favorites folder. I also read the page on declawing cats and alternatives. My cat Alvin (you can find photos of him on Octomom and Octomom2) was a two-year old unneutered tom that showed up on my doorstep two years ago starving and bedraggled. You should see him now in his glory, but he scratches everything, and Feralina, another stray, scratches on top of him to mark her own scents. They scratch my furniture and I can't even think of buying new furniture until I get a handle on it. Feralina never scratched before Alvin came to town. I've known about the SoftPaws, but I know that neither of them will sit for the application without someone holding them down, so I think I'll try and find someone to help because I'm at my wit's end. I'll read your other articles later in the week. Thanks for the shoutout on your column.

I see from your photo of the gang that you like gingers. Don't they make the sweetest cats ever?

Octomom and cyn111 thank you for your lovely comments. I'm sorry for your losses too; you never really get used to losing a beloved feline companion - regardless of how many other cats you have. Each one is special, unique, with his or her own particular characteristics, personality and the way they interact with you. If you like cats, try my website on cats


It is so hard to lose a beloved pet. Don't you wish they could all live forever? That's how I felt about Chester. He too was a ginger who died five years ago at the age of 20. He was a ragamuffin cat with torn ears, a scratched-up face and a huge heart that I adopted when he was 15. He had diabetes and terrible arthritis. He had five good years of life with me and I adapted my home to fit him. He had an eating platform and a step-up to be able to sleep on the bed next to me (under the covers, of course). I feel your loss.


I can tell from all your photos & all your comments, that you are such a good "meowmmy" to all your furry children! The table you made looks perfect! Garfield & Ollie had quite the little buffet! I know you still miss Garfield-our boys have been gone for 4 & 2 1/2 yrs
& I still miss them so. And losing Billy was so heartbreaking, I know. They really just become a part of you, don't they? Keep the pictures coming!

This is Garfield enjoying his dinner on a table I had made for him because he had arthritis in his shoulders and he found it difficult to bend down to eat his food. He lived a wonderful life and 5 years ago on 12th June he decided it was time to leave. He was 20 years and 3 months old. Ollie was 4 years old in this picture - he'll be 9 in August.