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The bumper sticker says "unmarked police car" ...

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Thank you very much Nellies and Robryan. I'm always happy to find your messages on my puzzles! Maybe I'll make a copy of this puzzle page and if I see this vehicle again I'll put the note into their mailbox!!


Just one word to describe it - amazing!! Thanks Cathy.


I love It! I just love it1 And I would drive it everywhere as long as I was wearing my mask! Thanks you so much for posting this delightful puzzle - good pic cevas.


Thanks Suzy. Yes, I'm sorry I didn't get to chat with the people and hear their story.
Where is Mike McCardell when you need him!? ( He does human interest stories on the TV and has written a number of books about some of the interesting folks he has interviewed.)


Someone has a wonderful sense of humor!


Hi Ank, Gladstone and Jacques. Thank you for your comments. Yes, I guess they want people to look. I think it should be a cartoon character in the next "Cars" movie!


i agree Gladstone


Interesting vehicle!!


They can be sure that everyone looks at them.


Thank you Lorna. Yes, it's a vehicle only its slightly hazy owners could love. There is definitely a birdhouse on the side. I think it's sitting on a mailbox!?!


Hmm, well, I guess the owners must love its ornate decoration, and they must have a good sense of humour! Is that a bird nesting box on the side of the van? Fun puzzle Cathy thanks.


Hi Carol. No (fortunately !!) it is not a food vendor. It's just an old "hippy" van. There are lots of hippy types on Salt Spring Island. I guess some of them wandered over here to visit some friends.
I'm glad you liked it!


What a kick! Could it be a " street food truck" looks like a menu posted in the window? Little scary to think about food coming out of that vehicle. ;)))))))))))


Hi JC and grandmalucy! Thank you for stopping by. It was parked on Lonsdale and attracting quite a bit of attention. Fortunately, I had my camera with me!


Definitely a good undercover vehicle.


I find that hard to believe, too, Cathy! Nice photo!


... but I don't think that's true.