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Not always sunny in Bermuda!

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I went to get some fish from my mate this morning. He had some really nice Turbots (Trigger Fish) so I bought three. Fresh fried fish tonight! This place is called Coney Island. The pillars you see used to hold the tracks for our only train which didn't last long. Too expensive to run, lots of maintenance from saltwater exposure and advent of cars to the Island. The building in the background is our airport, the trees bending over are Australian Casuarinas and the birds are Seagulls blown in from the gales. My mate is cleaning the Turbots over on a dock, he is just above that white truck. His uncle was a mason who helped my dad building waklls around our old house and on the odd occasion would babysit my brother and I if our parents went out for a while. Those were good old days for sure, life was slow, people stopped and chatted and if we were rude any grown-up could spank us without our parents or police to worry about!!


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Well thanks PKH, as I said it goes both ways, have had a lot of fun with you and the "crowd!!"


Always a treat to solve your puzzles, read your commentaries, and smile. Thanks, Robbie, for giving us a taste of not only Bermuda, but a look at your "real" life.


I' will answer one time as most of you are on the same track. Thank you for your kind words and comments, Jana, Monza, Hanne, Monica, yellow and gnt. I am so happy you all enjoy Bermuda and my family. Write a book? That entails work and right now I am probably the laziest person around!! Plus I am not organized enough. I did try a cookbook once........After the first two hours I was bored!! So I cook, make up recipes and if I write them down or remember them......fine..........but if I don't? Just make up new recipes! A lot of my stories come back to me when someone mentions something or I am typing a comment and remember a funny escapade! But no, I don't think I'll write a book but I thank you all who mentioned it. However all of you post wonderful puzzles and many fun stories, I try to enjoy them all, but not enough time..........Even if I am lazy!!!! So thanks to you all whether you just solve puzzles or post or chat, it is a fun time on jigidi!!


I must agree with what is being said about your ability to write in a way that makes it interesting and pulls us in to your story like we are there with do need to write a book around you and your familys life and all your father did.......guess I need to shut up.....

Me, too (at least I think it's at least 5) of us that have complimented your talent of story telling! Not everyone can do that sort of thing, and you are stellar at it, just so you know. Maybe sometime between hot cross buns & your other delectables, you might think about collecting some of your stories on paper?? We'd all be on line at the book store!!!!


Wow, I guess Bermuda isn't always beautiful sunshine! Hey Robbie have you ever thought about writing for a living? Your really quite good at it you know! Hanne is right, you have the knack of making someone feel as if they are right there living it all! That's a real talent don't ya know, not too many people can do a fine job of it enough to keep their readers captivated for very long! You should consider it as a back up to what ever it is that you are doing these days! L.O.L.


Robbie you are a master to tell a story so you feel you ARE there!! I've just been sitting wondering about the fact that you perhaps 2 hours ago was right here down at that boat getting your fish!! It's WONDERFUL to be there too and follow your footsteps!! Thanks so very much!!


That dish sounds delicious!! :~)


Thank you Robbie, very nice photo and an even better story from the days of your childhood. It was probably a better life and a world :-))))


Hi Shirley, I agree, thanks.

Hi Rob and bloorox, the fish tasted so good!! Dipped the fillets in egg wash then dredged in Kelloggs corn flake crumbs with some Cajun seasoning then fry lightly in coconut oil and butter. A drizzle of lime salt and pepper and oh yes.......Bliss!! Garlic mashed potatoes and peas are what we enjoy with it. I ziploc the fillets in portions and freeze , they keep for a long time. I am so sorry, I meant to take a picture but forgot when it was done!! Thanks.


Lovely photo and great story, Robbie! I agree with you and photogent, it should still be like that!... Anyway, thanks for sharing!
Btw, how were the fish? No photos for us to drool over? lol


Hope the fish were tasty! Thanks for the history - I grew up in a little country village - so had a similar experience where everyone knew everyone!


I agree PG, truer words were never spoken. Thanks Robbie for your story.


Right on mate, thanks.


And that is how it should be today and we may not have all the problems we have.


Hi PK, thanks.

Hi Francine, thank you too.

Well thanks SMor, no I have always talked about my stories and only started typing them on jigidi.


Maybe not always sunny... But always beautiful... Your stories are delightful, Robbie... Have you done any writing for publication?? You're very good, I hope you know that.... Thank you so much.... :) :)


Enjoyed your story and info, and Lela's train link. Thanks, Robbie.


Even though it not sunny it is still beautiful .. thanks Robbie


Hi Lela, that gives a good history doesn't it? Thanks for your interest.

Hi madhat, thanks and glad you enjoyed it.

Yes they were PLG, thanks.

Hi yellow, so far so good, thanks.

I can get plenty more lyndee, thanks.

Thanks chickie, nice to hear.


Thanks a lot Glad, glad you liked it.


Glad you enjoyed it Ardy, yes the whole neighbourhood knew each other, thanks.

Yes the same here gem on a smaller scale. Thanks.


Great to see your part of the world and some history you lived.


Yes I do chookies and I just remembered another one where my mate and I got in BIG TROUBLE sailing our little punt (dinghy) just after a hurricane in our suits (We skipped Sunday school) we swamped it and managed to climb the rocks just a little further along this road. Waves were rolling in and coming over the road, we managed to swim into a little cove where we could climb up in calmer water. I remember being so scared, we thought we were going to drown!! Well the short version is we got home walking, parents rescued the punt and yes.........We both had sore rear ends for a couple of days!! Got to cook, will be back.


Thanks for the link lela!


I love the stories you tell. Thanks Robbie.


I'm not sure three fish will be enough to feed all of us Robbie! :)

Glad to see your computer is co-operating to allow you to share these childhood memories with us, how very special. Love learning more about your island, as well, thanks so very much, Robbie!


Great photo! (And those were the days!)


Great reflection Robbie. Thanks for sharing with us.


Ha!.....You got me googling the railway.......
Really interesting!


Great history! Growing up we had the same neighbours beside us and across the back lane for 35-40, we have the fourth set of residents on one side and a fourth rental on the other side...all in 17 years.


Robbie remembering olden days. We also knew all the people in our immediate neighborhood and they knew all of us kids. We could be sure that if we were acting up the news would get home before we did. Thanks for sharing all this.


You've certainly got some wonderful childhood memories, Robbie:)