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Egg Hunt

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Mandy, it was for whatnauts, Yuki, and Lesley! Now look what you've gone and done. ;-)


Nice to see you rolled out the red carpet... was it for me??? LOL - thanks Wendy !!


Thanks so much for dropping by to let me know that, yukity. I hope you have a nice weekend. :-)

Your puzzles are awesome, as always. Thank you.


Oh, and note, egg yolk is better than no egg at all. I just hope the runny material doesn't ruin the rest of the puzzle.


whatnauts, I was away but when I came back I saw egg yolk all over the puzzle so I knew Mr. Bugosi must have come back to steal the eggs.

Mr. Bugosi, although I don't understand why you think it's easier to steal with your shoes/feet than with your hands, I'd really appreciate it if you'd put your shoes on the top middle part of the puzzle so that others are given a chance to find the eggs too.


Oopsy!...They stuck to my shoe!........


I think Lela must have snuck back in and taken the eggs. I didn't see any....


Well, at least you didn't take the eggs, and you found my ashtray. So all is forgiven.


Sometimes I can be a little over-eager......


Thanks so much, Pat! I spent hours today fixing stuff on my computer because Avast Virus Protection which I've always loved, decided to get into the Software Updating Business without my consent. Avast updated stuff of mine which I did NOT want updated. The older versions worked better. So I had to do a system restore, and then when that didn't work, I had to get rid of a bunch of stuff and search for the old stuff. Finally I'm back on Jigidi. Oh, before I blame my hassles totally on Avast, I should note that the new Firefox 19 could have been just as guilty.
Anyway, I'm so glad you liked this. :-)

Edie, way to go! You found the two eggs and left them there so that Mr. Bugosi was able to spot them as well.

Mr. Bugosi, you were only supposed to be looking for the eggs. This is an EGG HUNT, not a 3 1/2 spaceship search. Nor a supersonic jets search. However, I thank you for finding my ashtray. I knew it had to be somewhere.


I see two eggs and three-and-a-half a couple of supersonic jets.......and an ashtray......


My first puzzle after being out all day. I see two eggs, how many are we supposed to find. Lots of fun Wendy, thanks


I'm not sure if I see any eggs, but I see some old sci-fi illustrations of rocket ships, and I love the way the painting bursts out of the frame and flows right towards me at the bottom! Wonderful!!!