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Ghostly aura. Photo taken outside my house.

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Jennifer, I could tell you about the solid black shadow I've seen, several times, and the knocking in the wall, but I'm not sure that I should. I just tell it to be quiet, go away, and leave me alone.


Just entering a house that's not 'clean' will make my hair stand on end & yes I'll get the hell out of the house immediately. You are certainly brave to live in that house.


I didn't see it at all, till I saw it on my camera! And no, it doesn't scare me.
I grew up in an old house, part of it was 100 years old, and part of it was 80 years old. It had been added on to. There were things in that house that didn't like kids! The cold spots that would creep up on you, and you knew you were being watched. But I've seen and heard enough in my life, it's more fascenating than scary. Email me if you can, I'll talk to you about it.


This stuff fascinates me, but it's also very scary. Did you see this yourself and did it scare you? And did you only see it once?