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Grand Blvd Park

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It was foggy yesterday here in North Vancouver, Canada.


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I had not heard of them either Lorna! : )
A zombie walk is an organized public gathering of people who dress up in zombie costumes. Participants usually meet in an urban center and make their way around the city streets and public spaces (or a series of taverns in the case of a zombie pub crawl) in an orderly fashion. Zombie walks can be organized simply for entertainment or with a purpose, such as setting a world record or promoting a charitable cause. Originating in North America, zombie walks have occurred throughout the world. from Wikipedia

Thank you Lorna. That's right ... a walking dead person! Teens love to dress up in these horrible costumes! The ones we saw were friendly. When they saw us looking at them they smiled and waved at us ... very unzombie-like behaviour!!

Very appropriate quotation from a very good song. I love Steeleye Span! Thanks Brian. : )


One misty moisty morning when cloudy was the weather
I met with an old man a-clothed all in leather
He was clothed all in leather with a cap beneath his chin
Singing how do you do and how do you do and how do you do again
(extract) Steeleye Span


Love this photo Cathy. And it quit a different with the other photo.
We use the word Zombie too. We mean a bit spooky, one without a head.


Very moody image Cathy. I think that tree is doing a fine job of looking spooky! Excuse my ignorance, but what is a Zombie walk please?


Thank you Smllpkg. Yes, Zombie Walks should definitely take place on foggy days ... or nights!!!!

Thank you Niccolino. Yes, I think the tall one was TRYING to look spooky!! : ))))


Breath-taking, cevas. Those trees look striking in the fog. Thanks for posting.


Perfect zombie weather! Too bad they couldn't reschedule their walk.


Hi Jim. Yes, like Missouri we get lots of fog in the spring and the fall. Sometimes the fog hugs the inlet and the city of Vancouver and the the city of North Vancouver are both clear with this wide line of low fog separating us. But yesterday it was everywhere. I like to hear the foghorns in the distance. : )


Yep, that's fog! Thanks, Cathy!
Do you get lots of foggy days so close to the water?
We get lots of foggy mornings in the spring and fall when the air is full of moisture and there is a sharp change in the air/ground temperature.
Sometimes the van windows fog up when we leave the cool, dry garage and go out into the warm, humid air. We just have to sit in the driveway with the defroster on until the windows clear.


Hi Laruajane. While I was in Montreal there was a Zombie Walk downtown. My friend and I were somewhat startled (and then amused!) to pass a few in the metro. Maybe they were hoping it would be foggy that day!! : )


Fog makes everything look so....mysterious!


Thank you Toto. Yes, they make even a pleasant park look mysterious and a bit sinister. : l

Thank you for your note Kathy!! : )


We have also been getting fog from the Snake River this past week. Great post.


Just a titch on the foggy side! Always fills me with anticipation about what is going to slowly appear . . . . .