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Skiing experiences I have known....

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Thank you Judy. Hope you will recuperate nicely. I was wondering how you were doing -and I'm so happy to hear from you. I live in a semi-rural area and there are many prepared paths to follow. -the local ski clubs make the paths - so they are quite good. There is usually too much bother to make ones own paths - but we're free to do it. I go with my hubby or other friends...
Did you see my newest puzzle - for you?
PJ - saying good night.


The most relevant word to me today is exhaustion. I had a full day outside the house yesterday, something that hasn't happened in too long to even contemplate. Great fun but I'm tired. I love thinking about your experiences skiing. With cross-country, do you go out on your own, or are there predetermined paths that must be followed? I think solitude would be great, but I hope it is safe for you, if that is the case. Oh to be able again. Perhaps in heaven....


Thank you Judy. Downhill is exciting concentration every second - and then it's over. Cross-country is (to me), an experience of all kinds of senses, contemplation, exhaustion and wonderful scenery.


Pj, I'm just happy to hear about your passions in life, and I wish I could imagine you on a cross-country trek. Is that more taxing than downhill skiing? I would think so, unless you hit a downhill patch. It must surely last longer than the trip down the mountainside at break-neck speed, then spending time waiting for and using a ski lift. I'm glad you enjoy the wonderful peacefulness of it. How amazing that must feel! Keep at it as long as you can; life is meant to be lived to the fullest, so enjoy yourself.


Dagmar - thank you. The childhood memories you describe are just like mine!!! How interesting. and delightful that you shared your memories. I've been a tourist in Spain - and it's a different world. I've don'e a lot of down hill skiing - but now I appreciate peaceful cross-country .


Judy - thank you for you kind comment, so glad you enjoyed the puzzle. And you ave ski memories too! I have experienced every single situation in the small images - but it's not me, personally. Haven't owned a camera for some years - and when snow covered mountains is a normality so many of us don't think of bringing a camera. NOW, I regret it. The old photos are too old to make clear puzzles. I may find better ones.


Wonderful memories, I also got my first skis as soon as I could walk, we never had much but always a bike, a sleigh and some skis. I've never been on a real slope skiing but I didn't need them I had forests and meadows all around to do all the cross-country skiing I wished. Unfortunatley thirty odd years ago when I moved to Spain my skiing adventures came to an end. In the beginning I missed it a lot but now I hardly can remember, but I still miss the snow. :))


PJ, I love the way you incorporated the skiing inside of a swirl. Dramatic effect, and so appropriate. Also enjoyed hearing about everyone's ski adventures; even I tried it twice and then moved to the desert. Hmmmm. My big question is this, "Are you in any of the pictures?" That would be awesome if we got to see you in action. If not, I'm officially asking you to post a pic of your marvelous skiing adventures. Please, please, please.


Thank you all. We are not born with skies, but as soon as you can walk - you get your first pair of skies. After a few years - skies abilities and enjoyment rise. Imagine gliding nicely on smooth, soft velvet, the sun is shining and there is plenty of nice scenery to watch..... I just love cross country skiing.

Barb - thank you, glad you enjoyed the puzzle. To start skiing as an adult must be a very uncertain experience.... But you had some fun and did not break anything.

Katie - my accident was due to several unusual circumstances. I was rescued by a nice man on a snow scooter. The ankle healed nicely.

Wendy - soft cushioning is a good idea. I've fallen many, many, many times over the years - but only one accident. We prefer clothes that gives good streching movements.

Jan - so happy you enjoyed the puzzle and for your fine memories. I too have many good memories from skiing in spectacular places.


The puzzle is gorgeous!!!!

Back "in the day" when I was young and foolish, I skied quite a bit. I learned on those horribly long skis and that's all I ever used. Falls? I've had too many to count. But, I did get to ski in some pretty spectacular places. Thanks so very much for the memories, PJ

The puzzle is gorgeous!!!!


PJ, I only ever went skiing once in my life, 26 years ago, and wore about 4 pairs of socks, three sweaters, three pairs of pants, two pairs of gloves, and two hats. My husband thought I wouldn't be able to move. Well, I did move, and I fell down but didn't feel a thing. :-) The cushioning from all the clothing was worth it. :-)


Oh no! I sure hope your ankle healed well and you have been back on your skis lately.


A fun puzzle, PJ. I'm afraid I've only been skiing once in my life when I went out west to visit a friend in Vancouver and she took me up into the Rockies. It was scary and I've never been since. Perhaps if I had been younger ..... At least I didn't break anything. LOL


Thank you Mandy. Skiing is silent - peaceful - energy giving - exciting - exhausting - thundering - dangerous .... 'Woosh!!!' is a very good descriptive word.
Hope your daughter enjoys the French alps - and probably she'll ski sensibly!


Woosh!!! I can almost hear the sound... although I have heard skiing can be silent!! I've never had the chance to try it, except on a dry ski slope, and that hurts when you fall over!! My daughter is off to the French Alps on Friday for a snowboarding holiday... I hope she doesn't break anything!! Thanks PJ.


Thank you Katie, yes - there is a lot of fun in the snow world. Did I mention that I broke my ankle in a fall a few years ago....


You've shown us a lot of fun here! Thanks PJ!