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My first cat show

49 pieces
45 solves
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I hope you enjoy my puzzle. It is from the first cat show I have entered. At the end we got:
Certificates: 1 x third, 3 x first, 1x master cat
Rosettes: 1 x master cat, 1 x best of colour, 1 x best groomed.


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To samantha851, our cat is very bitey, but the judges said he was a delight to judge! Hopefully if you tried they would be he same... Our cat Snoop got quite tired on the way there so he slept most of the time in the cage. Good luck if I have converted you to enter your cat in a cat show. :)


I saw the puzzle. Your cat is lovely!!!! She is the same colour as my cat! He is called Snoop. So sorry she passed away... She must have lived a long happy life. Well done for your acheivements! Im going to do the puzzle now. :)


I made for youy a puzzle of my cat, (20.30 hours in Holland now. )


Gratulations! I did this many years with my Burmese cat!!
She was Europian Champion! I have a box full of certificates, cups, mails and so on.
Her name was Blue Veltvet Belle Marron. When she was 17 years old, she died. (2 years ago)
I miss her still! She was beautifull, but above all things sweet!


How proud you must be!!! we'd love to show off our little dear...but she'd probably bite the judge!


Awwww.... I never expected anyone to comment! Thank you soo much!!!


Congratulations on your first cat show, and your win! I've been to a couple of cat shows and have seen how the exhibitors go all out to decorate the cages. I'm a dog show person, and dog shows are a little different. Bookmarked for later.


Well done snoopsowner!! What wonderful results:-)


I hope you enjoy my jigsaw. Good luck for all cat show participants! Please comment!