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Tuesday's Flower

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Mandy, I just love old things....period. I even had a huge collection of antique tools (I love tools), but an arsonist burned down our barn where I had stored all of them. It's nice that someone else thinks of the old bobbins as works of art. :-)


I used to make lace and have a whole stack of bobbins somewhere - used to love the ones with old beads on them and the carving on them - you're right they were/are miniature works of art.


Pat, and Mary....I should never ever mention that I don't feel well...but sometimes I think I just have to in order to let people know why I'm late to respond to comments, or why my replies are so pathetic (short and boring).
I'm used to not being well, but when the flu hit on top of it, I was in really bad shape. Anyway, I appreciate the fact that you both care about my well-being, but don't. My life is pretty good in spite of everything. :-)

Mary, I'm chuckling at you being concerned with solving the puzzles in the correct order. I'm happy that you're able to do that. LOL! ;-)


Oh, I'm so sorry you're sick again, Wendy! You just can't seem to shake the heebie jeebies, as my dear father called them. We're thinking of you! I didn't get to work any puzzles yesterday so I got to start with this one today. I'm being careful to do them in the correct order, since "another" would mean that it comes after this one - and so looking forward to it! 6:18 Thanks! Feel better - we mean that!


Oh, Wendy, I'm sorry to hear that! I hope you feel better soon! :-(((


Sigh.....I just read all your comments and every one of them is terrific. I don't feel all that great and am not sure that I'll be able to create any puzzles for tomorrow at this rate, but I just wanted to say that I loved reading these.
One note, though- Mandy, I looked at the very cool bobbins in your link. I have a few myself. The old bobbins were miniature works of art to my way of thinking.


And I think that this looks like a big orange surrounded by pale blue spark-plugs capped with purple funnels and/or the bells Ardy rings! LOL!


My goodness - who knew that a puzzle could contain a public service announcement??? Thanks for the head's up ringleader :)


I think a nicer image is that of a lace bobbin - see the one on the right in the pic...

but the dark blue also reminds me of a person wearing a cape, and I don't mean Batman or Robin, but someone from Victorian times perhaps?

Taken altogether, this is a beautiful flower, with shots of lovely purple against a blended purple background - much appreciated Wendy.


I just love the tiny details that show up when the puzzle is solved!


Oh, Wendy, the flower is lovely but the light blue reminds me of a hypodermic needle. Are you reminding us to get a flu shot? I like the colors here. and actually am #10 on the board. I need to mention that because by the time you see this again I'll have slipped right on off!. Thanks.