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That was my classroom, the white hut where the snow was hanging off the roof. The children were sent home - and we all left about 10 am! That was a long time ago...


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Lorna - if it had been brandy you could have sent a Saint Bernard!

I would be quite happy to have snow like this because now I don;'t have to plough my way through to school (as long as the freezer is well stocked and I have things with which to bake etc.).

This was the winter of 1984 as far as I can remember.


And this is something that we will get again. Hope winter is not bad this year.


That must have been the winter that the large 5 barred gate to my parents garden disappeared under a snowdrift! And I was sent off to negotiate both the gate and a steep hill to get our neighbour her supply of whisky from the village shop!


This was awful. There was no heating, the kitchen ladies couldn’t get in and still some stupid parents brought their children! The loos were frozen. The drinking fountains (the white things on the end of the brown hut were frozen. I think we were closed for a few days but it was great not to have to be in school. I remember one day it was so cold the classroom door was frozen in the frame and we couldn’t get out! The caretaker couldn’t get paraffin to the classroom heater. Dear me, it was only in the early 80’s - it wouldn’t happen now with Health & Safety!


I feel cold just looking at this. I remember trudging through thick snow to get to school - a journey of at least a mile - only to discover it was closed so had to turn around and trudge back home again. No telephones back then!