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Wood Squares

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Original Title: For Katie :-)


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Katie, I'm glad you finally found the puzzle. There are no hearts in the puzzle. ;-)


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I made it here a day later and I love this design as well as your color choices. The hearts are lovely. My first overall impression is beautiful stained wood.


Oh Ardy....I know all about taking things apart and then having to put them back together again. I've done that with lots and lots of mice, and what takes less than a minute to take apart can take 15 minutes to put back together. LOL
I'm sorry to hear that one of your bells is sick. I suggest bed rest and aspirin for it. LOL

Mandy- Pat, whatnauts and I have a sort of running joke about hearts. I don't particularly like hearts, especially in puzzles, but Pat has made some puzzles where I actually find the hearts they, especially whatnauts, teases me about them.

Now, as far as an acceptable description of this puzzles is concerned, yours is absolutely 100% perfect. It's a lift shaft with the cable running down the center. I couldn't agree more! LOL


It looks like someone stuck a stake through some of the hearts!!! Perhaps I shouldn't ask??? LOL
Alternatively I see a lift shaft with the cable running down the centre.


OK I won't mention hearts if you don't. But I think they are lovely. Thanks, Wendy. I'm going to have to go our to the school before too much longer as I have bell choir rehearsal this afternoon. I have a sick bell I need to repair and the part just came last week. It involves taking the whole thing apart (which is easy), replacing the spring (sometimes a real problem) and putting it back together (the worst part) A major task for someone whose mechanical ability tests in the fifth percentile!


LOL! Pat, believe it or not, I saw the hearts when I created this....but I convinced myself that there were no hearts. So when whatnauts saw them, I figured it was useless pretending I didn't see them, but I still pretended I didn't.


Fun in this size, too--and I promise not say that I agree with whatnauts that there are lots of heart here..... :-D