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Theme: Birds - American Kestral - pastel, 1982

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This was done on tan construction paper (very bad idea) and the background has faded greatly through the years


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Judy, I do pencil portraiture, ink stippling and wood sculpting. The fabric design is computer generated and has never been used as real fabric. Thanks for asking!


Jill, thank you, thank you. I feel so honored to see and put together this beauty. What a joy to see how professional your work truly is. I'm so glad it has not weathered with time. Do you still do anything similar besides designing your fabulous fabrics and puzzles?


Thank you, fodus. When I read your comment I added up the time since I drew this...Oh my...31 years ago. It doesn't seem possible. Yes, it is holding up well, being 31 year old construction paper, lol!


I think it is holding up very well!


Thank you, Tex. I appreciate your kind and encouraging words. I really enjoy art of all kinds!


This is very, very nice, and I like that the fading just adds to it. Seems it has faded unevenly, an added bonus. Really beautifully done. Thanks for showing us.