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Fruit smoothie #1 - Cherries

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I'm so glad you enjoyed it Rob!


Oh YUM!!! The colour is terrific & you've done smart things with their stems!!!
I grew up in a cherry growing district & we had the annual Cherry Festival. I always check the growers name on the box when I buy them these days, & only get the ones grown in Young (which is where I grew up). As Kirsten said - this years crop was terrific!! Thanks Deborah.


I just made an oops! Sorry Katie, I haven't posted the orange one yet but will be doing so soon!


Well I see there are some cherry fans out there! I only like them in pies! :))))
Thanks Katie...have you seen the orange one? Kirsten tells me you're the founder of the OFC!
Ah Kirsten, I hope this looked as good as the ones you ate yesterday!
Thank you Lesley...and I see what you mean!


This looks like a lovely fruit and jelly gateaux.


YUM!!! I LOVE cherries. It's one of the best seasons we've had in ages for cherries, and they're fantastic right now. The growers got the rain just at the right time, to make them fat and luscious!! I bought some yesterday and they are sweet and delicious!!


Mmmm! I love cherries!