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Theme: Horses and castle

40 pieces
80 solves
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Ann, these particular ones are not taken apart. The "village" has 2 castles, a house with 3 apartments a hospital, a Hello Kitty lego House, an icecream shop and 5 boxes of blocks for building and tear down play. Great fun! Now I've started buying beach themed sets for Jekyll, lol!


Sorry I missed this until now. Chocolate will be delighted with his birthday wish from you! Indeed, this,is a child's and Nana's dream! We have a great time together.


What a lot of fun that must have been. It's so pretty, & takes so long, that I guess it is really hard to take these creations apart. And I suppose you must wait until all the kids have gone, unless they initiate it themselves...................


Happy birthday, Chocolate! How kind of you to invite Leo and how clever of you to let him have his own party area. You know how he eats the lion's share of the cake!

Jill, this is a child's dream - what fun you have with the grandies :-) Good take on this week's theme. Thanks!


It is! My 4 year old granddaughter and I played 3 hours with them today.... she threw a big birthday party for the brown horse named Chocolate, so we put all the tables and chairs out in the middle of town and invited all the residents, and their animals, of course, lol!


looks like fun!