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Moms Original Design Before Using The Filters

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I started mom off with a blank canvas. Nothing but a white background. She picked the shapes and colors and told me where she though things needed to go. As you can tell, she likes stars. After we had the canvas almost full, it was time to send the stars shooting through some of the filters that I have on my computer. Since she doesn't have a computer and no internet, we were limited with the programs that we could use but we were able to create many lovely designs from her pattern above. I would choose a function and show her what it would do and she would tell me if she liked it or not....and that is how her design came about that I posted for her yesterday.

There is sooooo much you can created from a single design. It takes a lot of experimenting to learn about all the filters that you can use. From the design above, she was amazed at what could be done. One question she asked was could you just use blue and red to make a design and I told her certainly. But it really blew her mind when I manulipated the above and came up with a red, white, and blue design just from her original. You simply have to keep working with various programs and selecting the parts that you want to use until you get down to the colors you are after. I suppose you could also change the colors with a program, but I am not sure how you do that. But it was fun using her design to achieve the red and blue colors. Trust me, she was amazed at what a computer can do LOL

One question she asked me was "Where are you getting your ink from?" I told her that the colors came from the programs and that there were no products being used. The only thing needed was the electricity to run the laptop and a creative mind. This amazed her that all the things that she was observing could be done without it costing any money to produce and that by simply mashing buttons everything could be sent into the land of delete.

I had great pleasure bringing Mom into the world of computers. It is going to take some doing, but I keep encouraging her to get a computer. I have an extra one around here that she could have, but it is a tower PC and I think that she would enjoy one of the new tablets that are now on the market. She is 86 years old and has always enjoyed crafts. A tablet would be light weight and have no cords. I hate having all the electrical cords that you have with the towers and moniters. Even at her age, she could find hour upon hour of fun playing around with a computer. I have a long long way to go before she is convinced that she would enjoy a computer, but maybe one day :-) ..............................


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Kathy, all the photo editing programs have a hue/saturation filter.


Mandy, I don't think I will bring her over to the computer age any time soon LOL but at least she is interested :-)


Octomom, thinks for the tips!!!! I will have to grab a chance and do more experimenting. It seems like one of the programs that I use had a special filter for changing colors, but gosh knows where that was LOL LOL LOL Will also have to check out Barb :-)

It was funny how mom's original image finally produced the red and blue. It really is hard to believe that this image came from her original one with playing around with the colors. It took some manilupating to get it to do it I will admit, but it amazed mom LOL


Buckeye, mom has always loved making crafts. But the past couple of years, taking care of dad fulltime and then with his passing, all of that joy had slipped away. But, she is looking great and feeling better now. She is even starting to bake once again LOL


Kathy, it wonderful seeing the original image you're Mom created, I do hope you will be able to help her find a way to continue with this new "craft"... well done for encouraging her and thanks for letting us have a peek into the journey you and she are travelling :~)


Kathy, try looking for the Hue/Saturation in your photo editing program. You might be able to change the color there. Take a look at the puzzles from Barb (Tigress). Her latest one is the same image, manipulated to change the color. You might ask her what she does to change the color.


This is a wonderful design! It sounds like your mom had fun - good for her to try something new. And good for you to help her!


For those who are wanting to give their creative side a whirl, feel free to use moms image above and run it through some filters and see what you come up with.

Two good free online programs to start out with are:

Experimenting is the way to learn and is fun too. By searching the internet, you can find other editing programs that can be used. Some are free and others you will need to purchase or they either offer a free trial version.

So give it a whirl and see what you can come up with :-) Kathy


Tootierasmussen, I will pass your thoughts to mom too :-)


PJ, I will be sure to pass along your thoughts to mom :-)


Great puzzle Gladys. Thanks


Your story is especially wonderful because you are teaching your Mother new things which takes patience but I am sure is so rewarding for both of you. Congratulations on a great story.


Yes, Kathy, I can see that creativity is vibrant in your family! This puzzle was so interesting, so artistic and so fun. And a bit intricate to solve.
I'm also sure your mother will benefit greatly from a laptop / tablet - so, just be patient...