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It was really windy and this little gal was hanging on. She would not be deterred from her food. Taken in my back yard yesterday, Feb 19, 2013.


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Great shot - she's really hanging on there! Our goldfinches here in England have red around their eyes. It's a shame to read about the disease you're getting where you live - I haven't heard of this here so I hope we don't get it.


Yes, morris, I put seed on top of the feeder to see what kind of shots I could get.
Thank you, Cel!


Aww that is too cute.. she was determined to eat.


Nice shot! I'm assuming you put a few seeds on top of the feeder for a landing spot? Boy, she really is hanging on!


The wind was raging and she was still chowing down. A girl will do anything for...her food.
Thanks for your comments, Ank, snooker, lyndee, PG and morris.


She's a little cutie, laura!


This is the time for the glue LJ.


Hang on little guy (girl).

Hang on, little one.


Lovely Laura, thanks


I think you are right, gnt, so I changed my description.

Barb, I wish I had mockingbirds, too! I haven't heard of them in my area, but they could be here and I don't know about it. Could your orange bird have been a black-headed grosbeak? They are predominantly out west and it may be too early for them.

Chickie, It is so, so sad to see birds in distress because they can no longer see. It breaks my heart.


don't think it a guy think it a girl as it has no bright yellow belly it all white and that tells me a female LOL but a great photo lauraj


I love my bird feeders and have various types of finches, some cardinals, and two kinds of woodpeckers along with titmouses and chickadees, and yes, some sparrows. I have even seen an eastern bluebird (what a treat) and something new and orange/brown showed up yesterday. Not an Oriole, but not sure what yet. BUT....a pair of Mockingbirds have discovered it and and taking ownership, chasing everyone away. Any ideas on how to make them leave? They are such bullies.


I remember you talking about it. I was thinking you were talking about the one that was affecting the beaks on the red finches. Which was happening when we live up north over 13 yrs ago. I better pay attention. LOL


You are welcome, Pat! Thanks for stopping in!

Chickie...I have known about this eye disease for several years now and have been bleaching my bird feeder cages off and on, with no measurable results. The disease is called Mycoplasmal Conjunctivitis and it ends up killing the birds. It was rampant among my house finches, primarily. Now, several years later, my house finch population has diminished significantly. The goldfinches so far are okay. This disease has been around for almost 20 years now, with its first case being detected in 1994 out east, around Virginia, I think.

Thanks, roseheather! The males do look very different in the winter.



I saw a goldfinch this past weekend when counting birds, but I had never seen one with so much white. I had to go to the Cornell site, where I saw another like this. I hadn't realized that they also look like this in the "off season." ; )


Well isn't that cute lj.

Side note - now they are showing on the news that the finches in this area are suffering and dying from an eye infection that is getting spread on feeders. They go blind. I think I had one here. You have to clean them with bleach water to keep it from spreading. : (


So cute him holding on.... thanks LJ