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Amsterdam, Capital of the Netherlands.

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Amsterdam red light district


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Yes Edith, but do you think a father would show a daughter this? Maybe if you was a grown woman. But as I understood you did not see you father very often, so in his eyes you was still a child, even when you was... let's say 25.
It's good that that kind of girls are there. But don't think they do it for fun. A lot of girls do the job because they want but also a lot of girls (I think most) do it because they have too. The pimps are the boss. Fortunately, the police are pretty alert to women trafficking. Nevertheless, there are many (often eastern european) women forced and abused. Not lovely there.


Yes, I've been here Ank. Years ago with my father. Being born in Aachen this is not very far away. My father didn't come to Canada with us so I would go there to visit. This is how I remember it but what did surprise me were the pictures my kids sent of the girls on display in the windows. Posing and beckoning people in, I don't remember that from when I was there.


Hi Cathy I'm not sure I want to go there, not without a few young strong men to escorte us.


It's a beautiful street! Maybe we can go there in the daytime. Interesting puzzle and comments.


Ha, you know what I mean. No you better take care and stay away. Thanks Robbie.

And I hope that every one who will visit Amsterdam did read the comment of Robbie. Stay away there after dark.


Ank that is a lovely photo, but I did not feel comfortable there after dark. Seemed like all the people changed, I walked for an hour then caught the train back to Rotterdam and watched ships unloading cargo all night!!


Thanks friends. I think I don't want to go there without an escort of at least 2 strong men. But the picture looks cozy. Jana that's a nice idea. Yes Jan, de nacht is mooi.


the night is mooi,


Gorgeous thanks Sis for a wonderful set...


Veeery inviting!!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Is this still a dodgy area Ank:-)??


This is such a beauty Ank, I have an idea, when we all return from Capri, we make a stop in Amsterdam, are you for?


The red light district is aptly named, but seeing it in a photo is enough for me!


Frank Sinatra's town was New York, my town is Amsterdam:-))) Thanks Ank