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Bonga-Bonga Chairycopter Landing Pad

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Perfectly safe, 6-sheep-at-the-racetrack.......and remember, everyone that lands gets a FREE jar of pickled tadpoles, ABSOLUTELY FREE!.........(At no charge at all)........(not even taxed).......(yet).....


LOL - Pat... trident might work.... if this is under water!!! I'm not sure there is a word... perhaps we need to make one up. I do hope there are plenty of signs, maps and compasses (that work).

Lela... I'm still hovering over Bugosiland and wondering if it is wise or safe to land at all!!!!! My spies check in daily to update me on its current affairs...


Oh, my, that must be a chilly ride! Did you get a pressurized flight suit to wear? :-)))


credis I know the feeling. I was up in the air when I first started following the whole thing. I don't know where I am now as I was riding in the super experimental fridgeacopter at the time. No one has opened it yet....


Do you think I can get it all covered in just a couple of days, Lela?!!

Courtenay, apparently Google hasn't realized that Bugosiland and Bonga-Bonga are very real and very important places, and that Lela's uncle Bluebottle's invention of a chairycopter (and houseycopter, etc.) were earth-shaking (in more ways than one) creations! I will fill you in gradually--too much information on the grand and glorious history of the Bugosis given all at once can overwhelm one with shock and awe.......


pd-whateveritis-daughter-and-cool-hand-Luke.......Do you have a couple of days?......


Mama, you'll have to fill me in by phone on what the heck you are all referring to here...?! I googled chairycopter bluebottle and found only references to Jigidi. I'm lost in the Jigidi underground


All workers are supplied with maps of the London Underground, as they are very colourful and magnetospherical compasses, which give them a sense of importance.......and there are signs all over the place - mostly telling them to mind their heads......


Trident? LOL! IS there a word for it?

Lela's right, Katie--considering their history, you were lucky it didn't "land", or whatever it finally did end up doing, in your yard! And I'm sure the workers are issued all sorts of maps and compasses, and there are surely signs at every turn, Mandy. Whether the maps are of this area, the compasses attached to their cases with magnets, and the signs something other than advertisements--that, I don't know......


Yikes, Pat!! I hope they issue workers with a compass!! It would be all too easy to get lost amongst these salubrious surroundings!!! And also perhaps a a triangulometer to work out the co-ordinates of each of the workshops, to ensure workers only undertook work in their sector (I cannot think of the triangular word for a quadrant!!!!) Lovely fun puzzle, thanks.


You were lucky it kept going!.....


Apparently they can fly great distances before misfortune flew over my back yard this morning.


Yes, they are built there.......the three blue buildings are uncle bluebottle's workshops (when he is not in Little-Bonga)....
(I'd forgotten about the ball-fields, Hee-hee!).......


Oh, dear, I should have asked permission first--I apologize! But now I understand why it is so neat and tidy! And that's a good question--were they trucked in? Built on-site? Hmmmm...reminds me of the ball-fields, which were also immaculate, since no opposing teams ever found them to actually play a game there...

Thanks, Wendy, whatnauts, and Lela--and next time, I'll clear it with the authorities first...


Um, I'm a little afraid to ask, but how do they get there if none have ever landed??


I'm not sure this sort of thing should be released into public circulation.......did you get clearance from the BBC (Blue Bottle Chairycopters)?.......
Having said that, it so happens that not a single chairycopter has ever landed here, though many have taken far, all the chairycopters have suffered unfortunate accidents somewhere along the way.......(that's why it's so neat and tidy).....


What a lovely chairycopter landing pad. Everything in Bonga-Bonga is so neat and tidy.


Pat, this is the PERFECT chairycopter landing pad! It's worth it to visit him just to be overhead in the chaircopter as it's getting ready to land.