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Patterned Swirl

48 pieces
179 solves
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Oh, Mary, not another disease detective! Groan! :-DDD

Ah, Kathy, my poor, pathetic, picked-on swirl says: Thanks!!!! Sob...!


Pretty in pink...and purple and green and blue and yellow and then there's the patterns and textures. A well put together delight!!!


I just wanted to let you know that it's an easy to create effect, Mandy, in case you want to try it. I really do enjoy LunaPic--I even sent them a small donation, in gratitude, but which means I can see it ad free. But I don't use the code they gave me, because (my one major complaint about the site) it takes many seconds for each effect to show up, and having ads to look at makes the time go faster! :-D


Poor swirl... so many accusations! Well, tell it that I like it!!


Love the swirl but that diseased eye really is staring at me hard! 5:08 Thanks, Pat!


Thanks Pat, that's interesting to know. :~)


I think it is Lela, but I swear this isn't pink-eye! But even if it is, I'm sure you have some tadpole-based remedy that will cure it quickly!

It's just another simple LunaPic program, Mandy. I click on the paint bucket icon, and, along with a full palette of colors, I can choose clipboard images. They offer about 15, with wood, flowers, clouds, etc., but the top one is "Your clipboard". If I click on that, I can pick any image I have on file (I use my own puzzles), and it will put that image in whatever section I want it. Believe me, if I figured out how to do it, it's a snap! Thanks! :-)


Thanks Pat, I love the way you're adding rings of colour from elsewhere, I've no idea who you do it, but it is very effective.


Is pink eye contagious?........(just askin').....


Thanks, Jan--I'm still finding my way with this technique, and I have to work on choosing the old puzzles I get the snippets from, but I hope I'm getting better at it...!

Oh, Barb, please--the last thing I need is another symptom! LOL! Couldn't we just pretend I spilled some Pepto-Bismol on the monitor? Please? :-DDD


Pink eye gone wild .... see my comment under your other swirl. :-)))


I LOVE this one, Pat. Those patterns add a lot of texture AND visual appeal. This is just so nice to look at. Thanks so much!