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Game Board Numbers! (small)

49 pieces
69 solves
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Thanks, Katie. Glad you liked it!

Ank - I am so glad you got through it and had fun. Hugs to you, too! :D

Rosie - Yes, I made this one some time back when the theme was numbers. On a whim, I decided it needed to post. Thanks for your comments!


Really interesting and different. Muted colors make this more difficult. Thanks for the challenge. Rosie


This was fun to do, but difficult, I'm ashamed 4:22. But I did it. And I liked it. Hug dear.


This was a lot of fun Jan!


Thanks, Pat. I think the time changed rattled whatever is left of my brain! LOL


A lovely dose of confusion to rattle my clock-changed brain! LOL! The color palette might have been narrower, but the patterns seem infinite--and lots of fun to figure out! Thanks, Jan! :-)))


Thanks so much Edie and Chailie. This was a bit of an unusual choice for me. And the color palette was narrower than normal. But, I thought that it was "different," so why not! I'm glad you liked them!


A very good puzzle to demonstrate what a kaleidoscope generator can do. The infinite variety of designs never ceases to amaze me. Thanks Jan.


This was a little different and also a little more difficult. So many colours the same. I loved it. Can't wait to see how the boards turned out. Thanks Jan.