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Wintergarden :)) I

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Thank you Deborah, I'm very happy that you enjoyed the puzzle. :))


Wonderful puzzle! Thanks


Thanks to you Leet for your lovely comment and for dropping by, if I haven't told you yet and a bit late, I want to wish you a very Happy New Year, I hope it will be a good one. :))


It's wonderful that you so enjoyed the puzzle Hester, you are always welcome, even if I don't know when I'll have the time to put one like this together again. :))


Thanks Wendy. :))

Very striking puzzle--such interesting designs--wonderful combination--thank you.


Wow, WOW! This was a LOT of fun! It is magnifico, Dagmar! So much pattern, so much texture so much excellent design. Top class! Thankyou for this :-))


And a Very Happy New Year to you, Dagmar! Yes, I think that January 5th isn't too late to be saying Happy New Year. :-) I think I probably was the first one to come up with this type of puzzle, but people have made their own marvelous interpretations. I think yours is especially outstanding.
When I 'sound' enthusiastic, it's because I feel that way. Many of your puzzles do that to me. :-)


Thanks to you Mandy for dropping by and leaving this lovely comment. I really liked this image as well when I had finished it, and I wouldn't mind doing this one in the old-fashioned cardboard version. :)) I know everything about not having time, I want to do the big one of the wintergarden as well, but it might be summer before I manage. LOL


Happy New year Wendy, I suppose the 5th of January is still within the time limit for New Years Wishes. :)) Thanks for your wonderful comment, coming from the inventor of this type of image - at least I suppose you were the first one to come up with this - I feel very happy with your as always enthusiastic comment. :))
Thanks for dropping by.


Dagmar, this is phenomenol... I love everything about it and I hope to do the big one too... when time allows!! Thank you so much for all the time, energy and effort you've put into creating this :~)


Just flat out WONDERFUL, Dagmar!


Thanks Pat, I answered you on the big one. :))


just now Remove
Hi Kirsten, no need to worry, just the normal horrible Friday morning with more problems than you are possibly able to solve, :(( but by now everthing seems to be under control again until something goes wrong. :)))
I haven't received the address yet, but I'm on the lookout for it. :)) Thanks for your being concerned. :))

I won't post today or tomorrow, even though I'm here in Madrid, because I'm doing a general check-up on my computer which means that for hours I can't use it as it is defragmenting and other stuff. :))

Have a wonderful weekend. :))


I just finished your super-size version of this, and it was spectacular! :-)))


Is everything OK Dagmar? You mention a disastrous morning? If you want to talk privately, I would be happy to do that by email. I think you have my email address now, from a mutual friend! But if not, we can arrange it easily. I hope all is well in your world. :))))


I would love to see your winter garden PJ, I'm still waiting for the photos you promised me. :)) Norway in winter must be absolutely beautiful - if you don't have to shovel snow or drive. :))
Thanks for your visit and your wonderful comment, now I'll be able to go back to work with a big smile on my face. :))


Great, wonderful, rich, joyful. stunning - it's so filled with life and energy and variety. Inspiring!
(want to se my winter garden? Find a white sheet of paper ... :-))


Thanks Littlebuttercup, this is really a very big compliment and a big reward making all the work - even though very enjoyable work - so much more worthwile.

Thanks for staying ot leave this wonderful comment and you are always welcome. :))


Thanks for the big hugs Ardy and for your wonderful words, they were very welcome after a desasterous morning. I'm very happy that you enjoyed yourself and it is always a pleasure to see you here. :))


Thanks Nucifera, it's lovely to know your opinion, many times have I admired your wonderfully colourful images from afar - I'm sorry but I just haven't any more solving time left, but at least I can have a look from time to time. :))
Thanks for your visit and wonderful comment. :))


Thanks Kirsten, this sort of praise raises the spirit. :))). I liked this one when I had finished it but I never expected such a lot of cheering :))))).

I also like these free kaleidos a lot, but they are very time-consuming to make, so there won't be too many coming, I'm afraid, but I love making them and seeing them grow.

It's marvellous to know that you liked it and thanks for expressing it so enthusiastically. :))


:))))))))) That's the the width of my grin after reading your comment Gail. Thanks for your absolutely positive feedback. :)) All the wonderful comments on this page make the hours of work it took to create this one well worthwhile, I wish I had holidays more often.
Thanks a lot for coming round and even more for your enthusiasm. :))))

This has everything. My favorite jigidi EVER! :-)


Stunning! Beautiful! Extraordinary! Enchanting! Fireworks of flowers! Love, LOve, LOVe LOVE this, Dagmar. Words are so inadequate. I'll try BIG ((HUGS)) Thank you.


Wow ...'s an understatement .It's simply very ,very pretty . Thanks Dohun .


Gail took my words!!!!!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Dagmar!!! I adore this type of puzzle, with the free-wheeling kaleidos. But the darker kaleidos and background are beautiful here. It's just plain fantastic. Thanks so much!!!


Wow, wow, wow, WOWWW, WOWWWWWW, WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Your BEST puzzle yet, Dagmar. And I'm not one who uses uppercase or exclamation points very often!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have been a very busy little bee.